Simply way to solve the "too many clans for purge" thing----only purge online clan

Remove the purge time limit, and only purge the clans with ppl online.

Now that when a purge happen, it wouldn’t randomly pick a long dead clan, and it wouldn’t pick a clan that has no one online to operate oil cauldron etc, aaaaaand as long as you are online you may get a purge anytime, make it more fun for ppl not playing in prime time (which atm is the only time period purge will trigger

A dead clan will be offline tho

Create clan with fake account, one more clan no

This is in the server settings already.

They need to remove the lottery system…when your meter is full you get purged… simple



The purge problem presented by dev during stream is that there can be hundreds of clans on a server, and purge will randomly pick several of them, but since most are dead clans, it doesn’t “hit” living clans that often.

Set the purge only target online clan will solve the issue

certainly not on the official pveC servers

But then a clan can avoid the purge altogether by not playing at that time

Which is why, I hope you can finish reading my thread then comment, I said to remove the purge time limit

But a clan can join a pve server, pillar everything and log off for a week with impunity.

Now you are being unreasonable.

If they really want to do that, they wouldn’t even let the purge meter fill up

How am i being unreasonable? Its a valid concern

What I’m saying if there really are ppl doing nothing but placing down pillars then log out for a week, then log in just to refresh and log out another week to avoid ourge, they are ppl with psychological problems.

And besides these won’t even let purge meter to fill up, so they won’t receive purge anyway in current situation (assuming purges work)

Does anyone remember how I said that max 24 purges per day are too low?
I think it should be max 72 purges/day or even flexible -> number of people online the last day is the max number of purges “today”.

Btw. I think max 24 does mean exactly that: there is no min number of purges/day but those 24/day. I might be wrong though.

Other than that, having 24/7 purge combined with purge only when online… it sounds great.
Decay is agressive anyway - tearing buildings apart on the 7th day.

Yep, I agree on those pillarspammers not filling the purge bar by that. We hit 60 and t3 building long before our purge bar was full.

Actually, I’d like to see Purges to be server wide. A random time is chosen and Purges occur simultaneously (like a massive uprising). None of this ‘Purge meter’ accumulation or random clan selection… simply have the game select a random time for everyone online at that time (no offline Purges). Granted, there would have to be some tweaks (like minimum time between Purges and maximum time between Purges), but those mechanics can be worked out (and given to Admins to change as desired for their servers).

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but the new players will be slaughtered and the server will lag like crazy…

Already had a knock down drag out with JB over offline purges; they’re here to stay. Building a base able to defeat a purge without any intervention from you is “the meta”.

Never mind the fact that is nearly impossible with Thralls being in the state they’re in.

I challenge any Dev to answer this question, given a PVE perspective:

Who is an offline purge designed to benefit?

Certainly not the purged. Those unprepared stand to lose weeks of progress and those who are don’t get to reap the benefits of fighting it off.

Others on the server? If you leave, decay will eventually take care of your
Stuff left around. And the random nature of the selection process makes it unlikely to hit griefers’ pillar forests. Hell, it encourages building useless crap all over the server as RNG decoys.

A game is, above all else, supposed to be fun. And fighting a purge might be! But I’ve played since the Xbox start of EA and seen dozens of comments calling offline raiding in PVP cowardly, rude, and “the cancer killing PVP”. It’s why you have raid times. It’s why PVE-C was such an outcry when you got rid of it.

So when you get purges actually working as intended and the thousands that play PVE modes who don’t know about how purges work, and who trust the server browser window when it says “player made structures are indestructible” log in to find their sandstone cities in the snow flattened to nothing… who do you think they’re going to blame?


I never knew it could pick random offline or dead clans. I thought at least on clan member needed to be online. In my case I’m the only clan member. Was starting to think maybe this is why I’ve never had a purge.

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