Suggestion to make purge x10 more fun and less frustrating

When a clan is due a purge - i.e. purge meter is over threshold and they have been randomly selected, give them 3 days to ‘trigger’ the purge manually so they can assemble a defence. If the three days expire then the purge comes as usual.

This mechanism would allow more plays to enjoy the purge rather than living in fear of logging in to find ruins.

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The Purge isn’t really meant to be controlled thou, the semi-random factor and threat is the fun of it. XD

To me anyway.

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I had my last 5 purges only when I was online. And I play alone for 99% of the time.

Why do you need 3 days to prepare for a purge?

Having played on a PVE server since launch I have only ever been present for 2 purges…

For me, the fun of the purge should be in getting to defend your base from an army, not logging in a day later and being sad you missed the epic battle!

Because I am not lucky enough to be able to play every :frowning: some times it is 3 or 4 days been logging on

With that much down time, how are you generating enough of a bar. Not being sarcastic, just wondering. Because on official PVP if I take 2 days off in a row, my bar drops significantly. I would like to know your trick, because i want a purge lol.

I don’t know if things are different on a PVP server, but on PVE-C, a lone player has to play insane amounts of time just to get the Purge bar over the threshold. I expect @Treloar has clanmates. If he doesn’t, I want to know his secret.

As for giving people 3 days to prepare, I’m sorry if this sounds harsh, but that’s absurd. The Purge has problems that need to be fixed – mostly bugs, really – but the one problem it doesn’t have is that it’s too challenging. Giving people 3 days would make it even less challenging than it is.

I understand the reason behind the suggestion is to help avoid an offline Purge, but that could be solved in many different ways.


Agree here - the real problem is offline purge. Was just a suggestion. And yes, I have clan mates who are aspiring architects and build alot!

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Know, it does take a lot to get a purge as a solo. I think the only difference is destroying stuff when you raid. It generates decent progress on the bar. But as a solo, i am trying to enjoy the game before i anger a mob to come wipe me lol. I will do that when i get bored of just farming and living the solo life. Already identified 2 clans and a couple of their bases. They seem chill, but at some point it still needs to be PVP.

Well just a suggestion I’m on single player offline Xbox if you want personal defenders and want to be there simply cheat spawn what you want and then find a good place that’s both hard and high teir enemy’s and set the meter number to 2000 or min and we’ll when you finish with the first one then next purge spawns then 1 more and another I call it and endless horde that absolutely will not stop coming until us turn it off 32 purges in a row waves unknown but hell yeah fun but lag out due to lots of dead body not just purge

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