Remove offline purges and then get rid of purge-times

Remove the ability that a purge can happen, when NO ONE is online.

As soon as a player is >10mins online and the purge-bar is over the threshold -> START the purge.
If players go offline after that -> its their own fault (or make 1 warning, that a purge will soon happen so dont leave and if you really have no time, then leave the server!)

Not everyone has a 9-5 job. Police or emergency drivers for example or shift-workers.

On the weekends I mostly start after >22 (also very often during the week), because I do sth with my family/partner or go outside.

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get moar defenses guy, i want more purges to clear ya clutter 8P

I want purges. Human ones… but then the purges should happen, when I am online

Agree, the purge cpuld use a update its still too hit or miss mechanic.

We have left several private servers because they dont check the online box.

I’ve always thought it rather odd how all the Official servers for a given game type always have identical settings.

Seems like it would be a simple fix to take a few un-populated Official servers in each geographical region and modify their settings to remove the 6-10pm purge window and require at least 1 player to be online. This wouldn’t be terribly different from how there are some servers without ping restrictions.

That said, I wouldn’t want such a change applied to the official PvE I play on. While I might prefer if the window was 7 to 10 instead of 6 to 10 (gives people more time to commute home, eat dinner, etc.), having the purge window open at a set time has helped build a nice sense of community on ours. I’d be loathe to see that go by the wayside.


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