Purge time frames

So I enjoy fighting in the purge. Problem I have is now I work 2nd shift and am at work when they take place. This is unfortunate for me. So my idea is maybe give us options to pick purge time windows. Could maybe have 3 of them. Example below.

1st shift: 4pm-8pm
2nd shift: 10pm-2am
3rd shift: 8am-12pm

If we were able to select one of these then that would be our specific purge time frame.

I know it might sound whiney and sure I could just play on a private server and yadda yadda but I’ve been playing on the same official server for over 2 years now. Don’t really feel like starting over and relearning everything and collecting and rebuilding everything at this point.

It’s just an idea I had that could benefit people who can’t live their lives based on the current set times for purges on official servers but would like to participate in them still.

Let me know what ya think.

Not sure where you live, but in the US 1st shift is typically 8am to 5pm (give or take an hour), which would mean you’d have purges starting long before people can even get out of work. Working 8 to 5 myself, I’m already resentful that the purge window opens at 6pm because it leaves preciously little time to commute home, shower, and make dinner.

Being as purges are one of the events that bring a community together on a server, a better option might be to recommission a couple existing servers in each timezone to have their purge hours offset for those with a different work schedule. This would also help to mitigate people getting purges kited to their base while they are offline simply because some troll decided to pick an option when 90% of the players are fast asleep or at work.

Most 1st shift jobs ive had started between 5am and 7am…out by 3pm usually. Either way it was just a reference time to illustrate my point. They could be adjusted to a better time frame. Just giving the point there are people that work late and arent home during the current set times.

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