Purge time says 18:00-22:00. But what time zone?


Purge marker finally set 75% so now I’m getting excited and nervous :smiley:

The server Purge time says 18:00-22:00. But what time zone?

North America
PvE 3516

I’ve searched the forums and I haven’t found out how. The similarly question posts all look to be closed and I didn’t see any answers. Apparently there used to be a server local time but it’s not where the screenshot showed it.

Hope someone has an idea to help



supposed to be east time.
also curious about offline purges in pve servers

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Ok thanks!
I’ll go with that assumption then and plan for possible purge then :+1:

Yeah I’m anxious to see how purge works. So would be cool to see how purge reacts offline too

Easy was to see the difference in server time vs your time is to do something that gets noted on the event log. Like dismantling a building piece, or allowing a loot bag to decay with an item inside. The event log will timestamp the event and allow you to see the server time.


It is very difficult for new players to figure out which time zone a server is running. I play on an official PVE -Conflict server. When I started playing everything I could find, including this forum, said the server was on Eastern Time Zone…Not True. Turns out the server is set to Pacific Time (California). There needs to be a simple and reliable way to figure out the actual time zone. (Not some GMT calculation)

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I did try that but it showed it as my time. I’m in Saskatchewan which actually has its own time zone rules. We never change our clocks. We are the same as central half the year and the other half we are the same as mountain. But are time is static. The servers actually match my current time.

Right now eastern is 2 hours ahead of Saskatchewan. And we are 1 hour ahead of pacific.

Anyways with time zone info nobody cares about over, my clan did have a purge tonight!
17:25 Saskatchewan time. So that event log time doesn’t look to be server time. Looks like the event log shows your time which makes sense since logging your activities.

The server says 18:00-22:00 for purge so I figured from previous comment the server was eastern meaning for Sask time it would be 16:00-20:00. The purge being at 17:25 fit perfectly.

As for the purge, 45 minutes of craziness!
Wow that was intense. They broke through one part. Destroyed one cupboard full of seeds and flowers, and orbs. But I can improve now that I know what to expect.

Not being able to build or even place items during the purge was the big surprise for me. Nothing I saw before mentioned that!

You are so awesomely cute, they raided your seeds and flowers. I love it. :smiley:

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Haha thanks :smiley:

Could have been much worse!

@Ignasi is there anyway that the time zone the servers are using can be shown on the list of information they display in the server list?
This report is one of several that I’ve seen asking what time zone a server is set to.
When the community management team has been asked regarding a specific server they’ve been able to tell us, but it would be more efficient for it to be displayed and in the server list.

Oceanic servers for example have players from 7 time zones playing on them. Being able to see what time zone the servers are associated with when you select a server would be very helpful.


Greetings! Have the same question, how to tell which is server’s current time?

Sending a suggestion to our team to see if they can add such an option in the server browser :slight_smile:


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