Official PVE server - purge happen out of purge hours


Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [EU]

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Free roam in the Jungle, the purg bar reaches the bar
  2. Purge hours on server set 18-22. Server time aligned with local time (verifying destroying a foundation piece and comparing log time with local time.
  3. The purge occurred at 22:54, almost 1 hour later the end of the purge time. Location of the purge was the highlands north.

Lucky I was online, otherwise I would have everything destroyed.

Are all purge times set to 18-22? There are a few purge fields.

It’ s an official server, so all the purge are set 18-22 (week days and week-end)

What time zone are you in? The majority of the EU servers are hosted in Germany.

P.S. I know you stated that the zone is correct but still.

I’m in Italy, and the log timestamp is exactly the same with my local time (it’s CEST both here and in germany)

Can you provide a screenshot of the log with the purge start entry and the server number so that Funcom can confirm the time zone? On PC, we have a few servers which are in UK and a few in Russia.


I noticed some similar mismatches with the server time, and the actual time Purge and PvP aspects were activated.

After confirming a few things with @Hugo I discovered that even though the log shows me my local time, Central Time Zone, the Server I was on, #3828 PvE-C Official, was in the Pacific time zone.
you can read more details in the original post here- Issue with times for Purge events and PvP window on official PVE-C Server

hope that helps

So the question now are 2?

  1. how can I know which timezone my server is?
  2. how can be possible that 3 weeks ago I had a purge at 18:15 and yesterday at 22:55?
    in any case one of the purge is out of time rage. purge windows configured (checking server setting from option menu) are 4 hours large (18-22), while 18:15 - 22:55 need a 5 hour window :slight_smile:


Which Server are you playing on?

@Hugo could you verify which time zone that Sever is on?

Pve 3181 official ps4 server

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I’m Italian too, I had the purge the other daybefore the crash of the servers but it never started, now I wonder if when they fix the servers I will have destroyed everything because of the purge that was supposed to be there or in the still time they relived the purge next weekend.

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