Raid and Purge times messed up?

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Could someone please explain raid times to me once more, I’m in California normally raid time for me is 5 p.m. to 11 p.m… but most recently moved to a different server and was still under the impression that the raid time was the same still says 17:00-23:00 for building damage time. Also have had midday purges while at work nowhere close to the time frame that the server says purges are allowed in a server is official server 3554 plz let me know

Raid times?

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The server most likely has a different timezone than your ps4. The time in the server settings is always server time

Thanks! How do I know what timezone the server is in?

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Server name is official server 3554

Same happens to me. The last 2 times I had purge 1 hour later than purge end time

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That’s odd we got purged approximately 3 hours before Purge time even started

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Raid times are based on the server’s time zone. For PS4, if the server starts with 35 or 36 its an east coast server, 37 or 38 its a west coast server.

3554 will be an east coast server, I think raid time starts at 2pm California time, purge would start an hour later at 3pm.

Hi @Jnja90, there’s no way to verify a server’s timezone at this time, but we can assist with that for now.

Server #3554’s timezone is UTC-04:00.

Can you give me the timezone for PS4 pve 3181 please?

Server #3181 is on UTC +00:00.

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