Please fix how raid times show in the settings

Please make it so that all times in the setting show up in correlation to the user’s time zone. For example: I live in EST and want to play in a server from ASIA. I want the raid times in the settings menu to reflect my time zone. It doesn’t do me any good to know what time raid is in the server’s time zone. I don’t live in that time zone. I should be able to enter my time zone somewhere and the PS4 translate all times in the settings to my timezone.


Sounds like a good idea but I am afraid you’re going to have to do the math.

How do I do the math if I don’t know the server time zone?

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I’m in the USA have a buddy who is in Greece 7 hours difference. App on phone can figure out all that you just need to determine were the server is you are is . Will check into it more when I log in next. @stelagel can you help. Ps everything is done differently than date and time in USA.

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Side question: are all ASIA servers using the same time zone?


I do not have a answer for that. Have not played on Asian server’s yet.

I’ve seen this issue raised as afr back as 2019. they still haven’t done anything about it. I doubt they will.

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It may be more Gportal than Funcom after all the server’s are Gportal server


I don’t know about Asia, but I can vouch that different servers in America use different time zones. We really need a way to see the server’s time zone.



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Wouldnt it be as simple as adding another column in the server list that could show the different tine zones?

As far as I can tell, the time zone information is currently not stored in the server list at all. At least, I can’t find anything, although it’s possible I missed something, since the vast majority of the keys they use in their JSON documents are named “S0”, “S1”, “Sx”, “Sz”, and such, so I’ve had to figure out what these actually mean.


The way I understand the time difference is the purge hour!
Fill your purge line to the max and the next day, the time you will have purge, is more or less the time you need to know! Then check purge timers, raid timers, calculate and you know.
I totally agree with what you are asking, it totally correct and I want it too!

Ps. You can always go to player list and speak with another player to help you understand the time difference!


I have always been bothered by the fact that when i go into my log, it shows my local time, but that it does not correspond to Server time, which is what all event time windows are linked to.

Either the log should display the Server Time timestamps, or the Time windows listed for various events should be Local Time corrected.


So I went to GPortal and went to where you buy a server. There were options for England, Europe, Spain, Russia, 4 US servers(NY, Wash DC, LA, and Dallas), Brazil, Australia, and China. Should I assume that there is only one time zone used for ASIA servers? It may help me narrow raid times down a bit.

I guess there are workarounds to figuring it out and you don’t have to do it that often, only when you start playing on a new server.
If I’ll find a better way I’ll update :stuck_out_tongue:
But off the bat what I found was that you can:

It’s not perfect I guess, but it’ll get the job done

I believe that he is on Ps4.

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