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So my server raid times 1700 to 2300 I’m 45 minutes in still cant raid anything anyone else having this issue alright so I figured it out different time zone why cant we see this on the server setting east coast to west coast ect or am I just not seeing it

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Time Zone may be at play.
I wish i could tell you based on the server number, but genrally speaking
US Regions are eastern or pacific time zones, no way to tell tbh on those. it is a 3 hour difference between the 2 though.
Others may be able to help based on the region in the server select area. I do not know off hand though.
One way to tell in the US officials is check event log, server only toggled on for the last 7 days. check the server restart time.
I am in central, so if it says 5 am my time, then i know its eastern. If it says 8 am my time, it is pacific. The server resets at 6 am local server time on officials i believe. I then do the math of time zones to figure it out.

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