Game Broken Once Again

Game mode: [Online |
Region: server 3593

Please fix the raid timers. Now raids starts at 4pm est when it clearly states 5pm.

also thralls still attacking after the raid time of now 10pm est but we cannot damage them.

hey keep up the good work of not testing anything on the ps4 first

be well

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Steps on how to reproduce issue:

Are you sure it’s not because of time zone changes that this is occurring ?? I know it’s not helpful that we can’t tell Where our server has its time zone set to but … it sounds like the time zone the server is set at has had a time change to due to start or finish of the daylight saving / summertime and you have not…or vice verse?

(Eg in a different game I raid with a group based in Germany, but I am in Australia. Their time has changed but mine hasn’t yet … so for this week it will be one hour earlier than it has been over summer for me. And then after my daylight savings time finishes it will be two hours early than it has been for the last few months.)

I also suggest that you try reporting the server by the report official server tool with the problem as being raid time window is x to x in x time zone which is different from x-date … check if server is set correctly.

Hey @socom

As @Vattende suggests, please make sure that your current timezone. Server 3593 is located on New Jersey (Eastern Daylight Time)

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im not going to go on and on about this i know what the time zone is for the server.

raid time started at 4pm. BTW it fixed it self last night raid time started at 5pm like it should.
i dont know what happend but it is now fixed
thank you

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