Raid times are broken!

Can some one please verify the pvp raid times for mountain standard time zone on server 3834?

I know the raid times are from 1700-2300 est time but when converted over to mst it’s not right as we can’t raid!

Any info would be muchly appreciated

MNT would be 3-9 pm your time.

Thanks, I’m hopin an admin will see this! As the raid times are broken my clan and I experimented last night at 7pm and 10pm to no prevail to raiding or being able to damage others stuff! So I’m just curious what the actual raid times are!! Because it’s not what is posted on server!

The times listed on the server are linked to whatever time zone that server is in. The best way to find out what time zone the server is in is to ask another player on that server. There is no list of server time zones.

If you find out the timezone and the raid hours don’t match that then you should report in bugs under the proper platform that you are playing on.

I’m aware of what server I’m on and the time zone! That’s not the issue, the issue is that the raid times listed on the server are not accurate! 15:00-23:00 est Time, I’m mst time -2 from est and you get my time, so that would be 1-7pm mst. My clan and I have attempted blowing each other stuff up at random times while not in the clan to see and I can attest that the the raid times on official 3834 is broken! The times are wrong and this is for the PS4 server so I’ve placed it in the right area! This is a bug after all!

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