Official time zone help please

Is there a way/list of what time zone the servers are in? We found a list a while back saying all official servers starting with 36xx are east coast. WE have played on one for a few days, built up and got raided at 1:00 am So if anyone has a way to know what time zone the official servers are in I would appreciate that.


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Purge times use to be a good indicator. If you meet other players that have been on the server for a while, they could tell you. I play on PlayStation PvE and haven’t found a pacific time zone server yet. I THINK they exist, but haven’t ever seen one. Every server I joined has been eastern time.

On pvp, check the raid times in the server settings. Also, make sure you’re in your appropriate region: NA, EU, etc. or the times will be way off.

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@Community there has been several people asking about this server listing doesn’t tell anything. Could you help our friend @mjhall1976

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We do not have a server list that specifies time zones, but I can let you know what timezone the server you play in is on.

Just let me know the Official Server Number :smile:


Doesn’t server daily reboot happen at 5:10 AM in the time zone of the server? Can’t you just look at the log and determine the time stamp of the server restart?