A "Purge me now" button for those at 100% Purge meter for days and those with plans in RL in the evening

I get that Conan Exiles is a game. If one has a meeting in the afternoon with friends, one should just chance an offline purge, and enjoy an evening out. No big deal right?

Theoretically this feeling of forebooding doom that a purge chance can evoke is suppose to be exciting, and it is at the beginning.

In PvE, the more time you invest in Conan Exiles, the more attached you become to the game, and the more you feel compelled to maintain and protect all that you’ve built. Suddenly priorities change. You are so nervous about purges ruining your hard earned base and thralls, that you are compelled to re-think the evening plans…

When purges rarely happen for 2 weeks straight, it becomes an unhealthy routine of hoping for a purge that never happens, wishing you’d have gone out with those friends who invited you…the invitations becoming rarer and rarer due to continuous declines over “a silly game.”

My request and suggestion is that a “Purge me now” button get’s added, so people can trigger the purge when they are at 100% purge meter threshold. This also allows the purge to be triggered UNTIL it actually works, as opposed to finishing itself 10 seconds later, without resetting the timer in most cases.


Very good idea.
As stated in a previous post, purges could be a lot of fun if you could decide or know exactly when it will happen.

It would also give some sense to having 2 Purge threshold.

I mean, what’s the point of having 2 if nothing happens when it reaches 100% ?

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So you want a complete planned purge that you decide?

How about you don’t build Minecraft structures.

As a pve player I’d like this, used a mod in ARK before that worked like that (Call of the Wild). When triggered it would send waves of enemies towards the node you placed in your base.

Was interested in purge since this would give us pve players a reason to build strongholds. Bit more control over it would be great. Especially for those of us with a job n what not :slight_smile:


Yes that jolly well is exactly what I want.

How about you build public maprooms and anti-griefing barriers around each obilisk for the public, on a PvE server, and have multiple Wheel of Pain outposts, then come back and tell me not to build minecraft structures?

You haven’t even seen the stuff I helped build.

  • writes Minecraft on a Nerf-bullet, loads it into a Nerf Maverick, and shoots ShintaiDK in the head with it*

But let’s say that people * do* build Minecraft bases… like this:

Those are the very lollies that complain the loudest that purges don’t work.
Don’t you think it’s all the more the reason that a “purge me now button” is ideal?

Not everyone is going to come on the forums and read your constructive comment about some minecraft structure.


On a PvE/PvE-C server there are only 2 methods of removing buildings. One is decay, the other one is purge. Without the purge and its randomness 90% of the map would simply be one megastructure after the other, barely any spawns or resources left and nowhere to build for new players.

On our server we have public transportation too, doesn’t require Minecraft structures. :wink:

The randomness isn’t lost on a Purge Button. It merely channels it to those who want it. Those who have quit, will decay. Purges are too weak to remove structures wholesale, especially due to it’s random nature.

Whether people should be able to build minecraft structures isn’t up to you to decide or even advise. Only Funcom can enforce such a limitation, or tune the purge to work with it, for isn’t the purge suppose to be a purge and not a once-in-a-millenium nibble?

What I mean is, you can’t tell people what to do in a game that’s designed around chaos.
You must make a system robust enough to work with chaos.


Purges remove buildings just fine.

If you want purges to be ezmode, then play on a private server with such setting while the rest of us can enjoy the actual survival game it is.

I don’t want purges to be EzMode. I just want them to happen. Are you done thinking against me? Or do I have to be a special kind of specific with you?

Ok. How about this.

Why would a Purge-me-button undermine the mechanic of a purge, if the manual override trigger is made to work independently from the usual trigger? ( I.e. 2 purges can happen at once globally. One ordered and the other one “natural” )

P.s. Are you a solo player, who has other commitments during prime time, that might take you away from the PC in the evening?


Tough luck, it´s a survival game and the game already have implemented ways to defend offline.

The title wasn’t Conan Grand Designs.

Yeah no worries.
I’m perfectly fine surviving the current system. After all, we didn’t last this long surviving a month long of no patches and bugs just to quit, yes?

So what makes you think your " deal with it" comment is gonna stop me from suggesting useful features?

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While it would be nice to be able to be purged when you want, it eliminates the risk of being purged when unexpected. I also don’t believe the servers are capable of holding that many consecutive purges at the same time.

This is coming from someone who still to this date has NOT been purged!! Since launch! I want purges to work, but I don’t want them to be easy-mode either.

Well, this would be half as bad if the thralls actually work. But that will be fixed in time.

I was just hoping I could get away from the game deciding my daily schedule, like ARK did, with the Dino Imprint sleep deprivation mechanic.

But hey, i’ll wait 5 months down the line and people will notice it’s actually freakin annoying and we’ll talk about this again.

I don’t think people are broken enough by this yet.

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It´s not that crazy hard to defend small bases against purges. Big bases? Sure. Best location bases, even more so.

I don’t get it… since when did this turn into a discussion about the actual difficulty of a purge?

I want purges to simply H-A-P-P-E-N for gods sake. I don’t give a shyte if it’s easy or hard. Preferably ridiculously hard. But it just needs to HAPPEN. Like… at least once every 4 weeks, when one is at 200% purge meter?

Is that too much to ask? Are people seriously considering 1 pathetic little purge occurrence per month " hard mode" ?

If anything i want it to be HARD. reallly danm brutal. Like outright waves of 40 mobs, that will kill a garrison of 20 thralls. Hell, I wish they’d bring in catapults. I want people rage-quitting from being completely raped by purges… not from BOREDOM waiting for one to happen.


Purges works, but there is likely a backlog. Our server got daily purges. Yesterday a 6 wave SL purge for example.

Well i’m happy for the tidy servers which are fortunate enough to have good, cooperative custodians, who make it conducive to have purges, but the reality is, most servers are afflicted with maniacs who think it’s a good idea to build “decay umbilicals” in the guise of roads from one end of the map to the other, so they can refresh all their timers in one go. I don’t think “It messes up purges” is an argument they’ll care about, if all they wanna do is build all day.

If the real issue isn´t purges, but rather abusive constructions. Then maybe you should make a suggestion for the devs to fix that. For example a structure limit per person.

The folks in that post dont’ want changes that’d affect private servers.
It’s like RL politics. Nobody thinks ahead of their own interests.

Umm… No they haven’t. They’ve implemented speed bumps that even fail at that job.

I’m not so sure about purge me now button, but it would be better than why we have now.

The simple solution is no offline purges.
That way people can go about life without having to be tied to the game for hours every night.
This is one of the potentially greatest game mechanics of all time, that 90% of people don’t get to experience.