Purge opt out seems like a bad idea

Maybe I don’t understand it completely but having the option to opt out of the purge seems like a missed opportunity. The purge should be used as a means to clean up the server. Your base should always be in constant threat of attack from PVE. This could potentially take care of some of the obnoxious out of control builds. I would like to see the purge meter increase based on time rather than based on activity. This would allow the purge to happen to people who don’t login.

If the purge is opt out. Then what happens if you build your coffer and you never opt into the purge. Is there any threat to your base? What is the negative downside to having a full Coffer? I’m sure some people will build their treasure room and never opt into the purge.


My one reason to opt out of the purge right now would be the constant disconnects on PS5. Otherwise bring it on. @Darkwulf

The Purges are always a good opportunity for (a) loot, and (b) career re-orientation for suitable thralls. Some players may not want to have Purges, but I hear that the more treasure player accrue, the more chance of bandit camps showing up nearby so you might as well do the meet-n-greet on your own terms? :slight_smile:


The disconnects will be fixed next update, no need to keep bringing them up.

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Not even. More likely to get that mega build’s purge in your own lap. On the public toi… severer I build south of the purge zone to avoid them. Not because I am against the purges, I am against bugged purges. I can’t build a defense from spawning inside my base. And don’t try to feed me the pathing thing that is pure cow pie there.

Do you know just which foundation piece the purge is aiming for? I may be misunderstanding how it works but that is my take on it. Well you know where you set your treasure vault, and that is what they will be going for. Hell, I full expect people to set up raider trap bases.

If it works right I’d opt in.

On the PC too I assume. I don’t get many but I do get

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Supposedly. It wouldn’t be the first time Funcom promised a fix and then didn’t deliver. It pays to be vigilant about this kind of stuff.


I agree that purges should take place offline. Some players take a lot of space and don’t even play the game.

We will see hopefully you are correct :+1: Do you believe that or is to be funny. @Jimbo

It is time for new bugs. The old gets boring. Thats not even a joke. Each update had a surprise over the years.

Maybe I’m wrong but it seems to me the way it’s intended to work is that when you build the coffer and start gathering wealth that’s basically opting in to the purge, because that’s when your greedy, envious neighbors feel they should come and take what’s yours. I’d also like to see purges added back to the river if this is indeed the case. I’d like to see them get highly difficult and have equally good rewards based on your wealth level no matter where you decide to build a base.

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Thought some one said there are big treasures you have to drag back to base with raiders trying to take it from you along the way.

That is correct. However, you add them to your coffer when you return to your base.

Hopefully they have an option to be added as decor outside the coffer as well, if I don’t wanna trigger the purge but rather just display.

No, it shouldn’t. That’s not the purpose of the purge. They explained this years ago:

The above is just an excerpt from the dev stream recap. If you want, you can watch the full explanation.

No, not really. It would only make sure that those who really want to build “obnoxious out of control builds” made them purge resistant.

If the build is causing real problems for other players on the server, then it should be reported. If it’s not causing problems, but you simply don’t like it, touch luck.

No, thank you. Hard pass. Not everyone can make sure that they will be able to play exactly on the day when their purge meter goes full. If I wanted to be offlined, I would go play on a PVP server.

If you want to get rid of serial refreshers, an upkeep system is the way to go, not some half-assed idea about the purge that forces a square peg into a round hole.

What you fail to realize is that the purge has been opt out all this time. And I’m not just talking about the well-known ways of resetting your purge meter. I’m also talking about the fact that you can stop playing until the purge meter goes down. Ironically, the purge encourages people who don’t want it to become serial refreshers.


There already is a purge opt out mechanic.
Its called not logging in for a day.

The purge meter as it currently stands shouldn’t drop at all. At least not for several days.
As it stands now, its almost impossible to get the bar high enough if you can’t log in every day.

I’m looking forward to the ability to summon purges.

As for this habit of long time players avoiding the purge by building south of the river, i have a fix for that.

Once you hit level 60 you can no longer build in the non purge areas on the south bank of the river. Maybe place a bedroll and a campfire, that’s it.
Even better any level 60 building in that area gets un refreshable decay.
10 days to relocate is heaps of time.

Should never be aloud to get to the point.

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Agreed. I wanna play the game, but if I’m trying to avoid the purge, I’m forced to stay off the game or go to another server for a few days. If they wanna keep players playing, they need to have a way for all players to enjoy the game day after day. They don’t make money when players aren’t playing. It feels like those who want to force the purge on others is more of a rant like, “I have to do it, so they should too” rather than seeing it as an opportunity to get some cool stuff and up the challenge. Not everyone wants that or cares about that, so why force it upon them?. Honestly, I’m not sure about the coffer idea. It makes sense, but I’d love to make one because it looks cool, without feeling imposed by the potential purge if I don’t want it. I think convergence traps are a much nicer way to do it: summon a purge, or avoid a purge. Simple as that.

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I still wish we had roving bands of maruaders all the time and not only via a timed/triggered Purge/Surge mechanic.

I also wish that maurading hordes would be more attracted to abandoned bases and large, profitable bases. These hordes would make the Exiled Lands a more challenging place and would help clear decaying bases. Gangs of squatting bandits could move into abandoned bases, taking them over and making them bases for their operations.

Am pleased that the game continues to see development and new stuff to play with. Purge/Surge/whatever.

Players have a wide bresth of options in the Exiled Lands. There are many different servers: Official, Private, Solo, Co-op, etc. If you like a particular style of play you’re likely to find one. It’s a game, and it’s been around for a while now. It has seen many changes from back pre-Alpha, many very welcomed, some not, but it remains a fun game overall - well, for me. If I don’t like a game I simply don’t play it. I am still playing Conan Exiles.


The purge is opt in, until a certain breakpoint, then you will be vulnerable to random attacks after you have made yourself too big of a target.

The purge as a server cleaning mechanic was one of the original intents for the system, but given the extremely short development time in early access and the technical difficulty of making such a system happen - the purge was never effective at that job.

We still have to use some smoke and mirrors for the purge to work on a way we feel is enjoyable. Some day we might get to that dream of roving marauders, but until we are able to do some significant optimization and feature work, it will remain a dream.

When I was working on the maelstrom in Siptah, I used to have a version that would knock down walls and spawn monsters with extremely high siege damage. They could topple chunks of castles in a single swipe. I thought it was cool personally, but all of our testers at the time absolutely hated it. I think for systems like this, that have a major effect on your stake in the game, they have to be part of the game and an effective part of it from the beginning.

If part of the contract of the game when you start playing it is that something detrimental can happen simply because you exist, or you’re inactive, or you have gathered items, it’s a lot easier to digest than something that is introduced “randomly” by the development team.


Will the coffer concept have a threshold we can visibly see, or are we just gonna be surprised? I’d rather control that because I like the idea of building a cool treasure vault, but I may not want to be subjected to purge as frequently, if at all. Also, can we actually use placeable treasures outside the coffer? There’s some cool objects that I may just wanna show off without the risk of attacks.

Just sayin if you and your team ever do decide to add that version of the storm on siptah that would be great…

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