Old Purge and New Purge combined or optional

Hello, After doing some testing I really hope the new purge system and the old purge system is combined for the simple fact it’s not fun how the new purge is when it comes down to having to build walls and protect buildings with thralls. There’s no point for either because you basically need to leave an open path for them to go get the treasure and all the other dangers of being attacked from different parts of your base and losing buildings,walls,and thralls are pretty scarce. Your whole base should have the possibility of being destroyed and not just your door and whoever came up with the new purge system i like the idea but the execution and the thought behind it was rushed or not really thought out too well.

PLEASE! Give people with their own server the option to decide what purge the want to fit their server. If the new purge had the go get the treasure but still attacked from different spots and was there to destroy your base as well then it would be great but it isn’t. That’s the whole purpose of building tier 3 walls and getting thralls to guard buildings and such… They are for looks now. Have both purges an option on a server because the new purge is opt in so you choose if you want to. Or at least make the guys with the little rams go all over your base to destroy stuff. I might as well stick my coffer out in the open and let them have it less of a headache… What i always liked was having different outpost or towns and never knowing where i was going to be attack and having to have protection everywhere, but now… Well, It sucks. The rewards better match the risk or it really will be stupid to activate a purge just because you want to play a quick mini game. Keep that for the pvp crowd the dumbing down or attention span problems.


And yet with the current system , solo players will almost never see a purge.

They will see one when they start from scratch at level 1 up to 60. Once established , they will almost never see one again. So a nice castle but defenses are a waste since nothing will attack it anyways.

However , a hoarder of loot, will see one when they have time to do it.
Now i need defenses so i can funnel where i want them to go.

The solution is really that simple.

Every private server i went on , the purge was turned off. I dont know if the coding will allow the possibility of having two systems.

Why, in my single-player standalone game I have regular purges. On all three maps, including SW. Except for the South-West Island on Siptah, purge there is broken and does not arrive at all, regardless of the location of the base (at least a year ago this was the case).
I even conducted an experiment: on Siptah, in 7 places on the coast in different parts of the map, I set up small bases, and cleaning regularly came to where I was at the appropriate time interval. For each of the 7 bases.

Another question is that, frankly speaking, this is boring.
I want something new.

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On single players your offline time doesn’t count down your purge but when on game server the moment you log out the amount of time and duration of your leave start to reduce you purge meter points thus online server it’s more difficult to build it up we’re as single player never gets deducted

I wholeheartedly agree. I want both the old AND the new purge.

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The new Purge system works. It certainly has pathing issues that take some ‘understanding’. But, the new Purge works. I do agree, it would be fun if Both Purge3 systems work so that the first (original) can happen without the instigation of the player(s), and then also the new Purge that the Player/Clan can trigger it effectively.

But, I found that since the new system makes it in the players own interest to set it up to work. Then they can get the keys, thralls, items, etc. Just build your base and then build a clearly accessible area for treasure dude. You then choose the level of the Purge by adding/removing gold. The you Announce and it all and let the carnage begin!

I think that Funcom will tweak some stuff before (and after release around the 21st). I think that the new Purge just needs to be understood - it is for the Player(s) to control. What I want to see is how fast the new Purge will be used on PvP servers.

But I do agree, having BOTH purge options would be fun indeed - of course running both purges will likely cause a server to explode or cause a dimensional rift into the Yog-zone in the players’ room. Official servers would go ‘Pop’ and Techs would bleed from all oriffi.

Am looking forward to the new Purge system. I have already resdesigned the base with the treasure room now down my planned channel of death.

Given the choice, I would prefer to have both.

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I hate the new purgesystem. Its no longer a purge in my eyes. Why still do they even call it that way when they allow full player control? It defeats the purpose of the purge. Old devs always said they wanted the purge to be uncontrolleable. They even would have liked to make them more dangerous. So building defenses up and using thralls to guard and protect your base is a necessity.

Purges could have been changed so players have more options like paying a bribe when the purge hits to delay it for a while. Or pay the purge regularely if you do not want to have one. There is a lot the dev´s could have done to improve the purges overall.

The new purge instead is not better then the old one. They have the same pathfinding and other problems as before. Funcom is simply hidding this by demanding a clear path for them from the player now. Otherwise the purge won´t happen. For me this has nothing to do with improving the AI, its more cheesing the AI.

And most people are not aware of it. There is no danger in the purge anymore. No challenge, nothing. Another destruction of game content.


Yes, just need to clarify: as a rule, everyone who complains about some problems with purge is having them on third-party servers in a non-offline game. In principle, there are no them on the server of your own computer. That is, the game itself is not to blame, it’s the problems on the servers. And it’s not a fact that these problems won’t arise with a new purge.

From experience, both can exist in the same server.

Using the stand alone app, 1702, we had triggered several new style purges when we got notification of a n impending purge.

Although a red X never appears and we never got countdown timers, we did get a Sepermaru Locust Purges with multiple waves and an end boss.

I have purges all the time on my private server with 6 people on it. It depends on what your settings are.

Learn to tweak server settings and you’ll be having purges all the time. All you need to do is lower the purge trigger threshold.

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Uh, no.

When I played on public servers purges would:

  • Get stuck in the mesh and time out
  • Get stuck in the walls and time out
  • Spawn on the roof of a base with 100% access
  • Just freeze
  • Trigger and never show

The purge mechanic has been broken for years.

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@Pugilist I had almost all of this, too, but it’s not a problem to start purge. I responded to a post that for many players the purge is not starting.

The new Purge does seem to have some of the teeth taken out of it in comparison to the old Purge.

It also seems to go against the lore that is in the game; Gilzan the Treasure Hunter outside of Unnamed City explains that the Purge are scouring the lands to find the Relics.
It seems the relics are the entire point of this whole exercise. Whoever or whatever it was that built the ruins, it’s them that the people who created this place are interested in. We are just here to provide cheap labor. That’s what gives us an opportunity. If you can figure out what they are looking for and you can find it first and you can defend it from the purge… well then you’ll have the biggest bargaining chip of all and then you can make a great deal

What will he say now?

Is this new Purge mechanic an Age of War only feature, or will this mechanic be in the game moving forward?


That’s a good point. I wouldn’t have called it a purge. Treasure raid, perhaps.
The purge could have stayed as it was, maybe with a way to avoid it similar to IOS, for those who don’t like it.

Yeah well ive been on officials for 2 years now and dont have to worry about my characters being gone when a private admin decides to pack it in.

Privates can host both and im pretty sure even if they didnt , they would figure out how to do it anyways.

For officials though , choose one purge or the other. We have enough problems with the current game.

Single player for me is boring as the world freezes in place when i log off.

I ran away a bit come back new thralls are there for me to choose. Its good for training, and learning the game.

Otherwise, the world needs to stay dynamic for me. So time marches on if im there or not.

Finding relics is a treasure hunt. Robbers and pirates need relics not for their own sake, but as a source of profit. They are not museum collectors. They sell them. Therefore, it doesn’t matter whether they steal valuable figurines, rare weapon or bags of gold, for them it’s the same thing.
So everything fits.
On the contrary, it is the old purge, which was aimed at pure murder and destruction of everything, that does not agree with what you pointed out.

I changed my mind , do whatever you wish - ill adapt.