Does anyone want the old purge back to coexist with the new?

Im sorry i am still new to this website so i hope this is posted in the right spot.

Anyway, i was just going to ask? Is it possible for funcom to make a way to switch between the old purge and the new purge within the admin panel on offline play, or online on private servers?

I don’t fully hate the new purge, but i liked it better when we had something trying to conquer us in the same way the old purge worked, except for the purges where only animals come at you without having any human NPCs to come at you because that is a real bummer when you can’t get a thraw out of all of that.

It would be nice to have the old purge system and the new at the same time on the game, but not activated at the same time of course. The old purge can test your speed of growth while the other can test you in the way it is supposed to, you know, one purge being activatible while the other one is the way it used to work. It seems like a good idea but that is my opinion. Who else would agree?


they could definitely co-exist. I mean, I only remember getting purged before reaching lvl 60, because of the progress I made…after lvl 60 and building my base, I never got a Purge again.

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on the acutal cenary that the new purge is being exploited as hell as a offline pve raid weapon, Yes, the old purge was better, not instantly like this new one was not guaranteed spawn where you wanted. If someone was intentend to purge others people bases you had time to see it and prepare and report the folk. Now it cheapest, put a chest next to someone base lure and kick a demolisher to the neighboor base and voila, raid it for free, the log does not even show ho did it to you. Considering it miss the old one, another thing interesting in the old purge was the variety of enemies, just the avalhance o rocknose was too powerfull, the problem is that the nerfed thralls cant handle the old purge, after the first big nerf a small group of wolf killed a lot of full lvl geared dalinsias. Who want to pat hours lvl a thrall that will die like flies in battle.

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I would have no problem with the old Purge being an option that could be turned off or on as desired. If it was mandatory, then heck no. The new Purge is superior in every way to the old one (except perhaps the lack of crafter thralls in the cages, but that seems to be something that will be coming in some form).


Instead of a purge, I would prefer it if specific groups of enemies appeared to hunt the player. Mechanics like this already exist in the game. The Jhebbal Sag event with the werehyena that appears at night, but also the group of enemies that attack you when you are carrying treasure (does that still exist? It hasn’t happened to me in a long time) are something comparable. In the north I would like to be chased by a pack of wolves, but wild cats in the jungle or undead near temples would also be conceivable. They just might not be as predictable as the current attackers.
In any case, these attackers should not target our base. That would be extremely annoying!


I was always looking forward to getting my purge meter up with the old purge. I never run the new purges, pretty much zero interest.

I have definitely made this same suggestion before, but I think it is very unlikely.

Same as the Exiles Journey. The old journey told a story, but did little to teach new players. The new journey is good at teaching, but lost all of the story. The new journey should have been added onto the old journey instead of its replacement, but I highly doubt we will ever see it again.


Apparently it has been removed from the game for some reason. This makes me sad because I enjoyed this aspect of the game. It made carrying the treasure back to base more challenging, it made sense, and sometimes you could get named thralls to attack (but only rarely).


I always thought this was odd. I mean, you would have to wait to do something that you wanted to do, sometimes doing meaningless stuff just to push that Purge meter up and up until it finally decided to spawn. Isn’t it better to just be able to start it when you want instead of the mindless waiting (which can also be stressful if you think that once again the Rocknose Avalanche will come and smash your sandstone base).

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It did? Darn. Now I wish that I had done it, but it seemed rather pointless, so I skipped it.

Speaking of story (which is something I usually focus on in a game), the old Purge just didn’t make any sense story-wise. The purpose of the Purge was for the Stygians to steal away all the rare treasures you had found in the Exiled Lands. Why, then, would unaffiliated tribes and beasts attack your base? Were the rocknoses in league with the Stygians? In any case, nothing was stolen, just wrecked. Story-wise, the new Purge actually fits.


I hated it myself, as I was never a fan of the inconsistency of location and not being ready for it because I happened to be working on something… also the fact that if a clanmate just happened to log in at purge time, they’d be stuck soloing it. I just didn’t find it fun.

All that being said, I’m not opposed to it on admin settings for private servers and single player/co-op. I just prefer to the new way of doing it.

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Getting everything you want when you want it is not what draws me to this type of game. The time and effort put toward achieving something gives it meaning and value. I prefer a difficult game that has obstacles to overcome rather than one that drops everything on my lap.

That is not to say the old purge was perfect by any means. It had a lot of room for improvement, but I don’t really find the new purge to be an improvement, it’s just… something else.

Fortunately, wikis never forget the past. You can look at the old version of the Exiles Journey wiki article here and read all of the story elements.


I am the same way. I prefer to work toward a goal, and it doesn’t have to be easy work. In the case of the old Purge, getting that meter to go up was just a matter of doing mundane brain-draining repetitive stuff. If it was a matter of going on a difficult quest to get the Purge to start, that would be different. But making the meter go up in the old Purge was just tedious.

Thank you so much!

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I always wanted something like what valheim did like killing certain bosses could trigger one random purge depending on that boss. Having this aswell as the new purge would be fun.

I think this idea would be a great supplement that would help the game feel more random. As it stands, we know where every NPC and animal are positioned.


Nope. The previous didn’t usually work and I’d rather them leave it forgotten in the past than try to keep spending the next few years futilely trying to fix it. Cutting it and moving on was a better choice.

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Interesting. I never had an issue getting it to spawn when playing on the EL map. And we had bases in 6 or 7 different spots on the map that all were purge-applicable spots (and 1 that wasn’t).

I definitely miss the old purge. The ability to get unique thralls (most of whom are completely missing currently because you could only get them from purges to begin with), plus the inevitability, plus the somewhat randomness of it in that you’d want a base to be defensible.

It’d be quite cool if this current purge worked opposite of how it does in terms of “summoning” one. Pay gold to bribe the Stygians to stay away (x % of whatever you have every x number of days which could be controlled via settings on both percentage and frequency). If you choose NOT to pay the bribe and instead go all macho I-got-this, you get a purge every x+n (n being some degree of randomness, if one chooses, off by default) days and level is dependent on amount of treasure stored.

  • Makes purges inevitable, IF you choose to believe you are stronger than the Stygians
  • Allows you to opt out of purges, without having an off-by-default mechanic that can be completely ignored all the time
  • Does something with the gold/treasure you get since, right now, you can defeat purges without losing anything
  • (Subjective but) Fits the story/purpose of the purge a bit better

I disliked the old purge.

That said, I don’t care if they bring it back for the people who did like it, so long as there is a toggle to turn it off.

Or at least to turn off that timer, so many of us had to work around to avoid the stupidity of the old purge.

Not opposed to it, but currently I can’t run purges without crashing an official server. It’s fine if I get them without Starcallers or Golems. I just imagine some poor sod getting a purge like that and endlessly crashing the whole place.

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I suggested a possible solution to this awhile back. I would LOVE to have the old purge triggers back.