Leave the "old" purge on private servers alongside the new one

Hi guys and gals,

I believe that the old purge is cool. We have it set to max difficulty and max duration of 60 minutes.
Every time it happens it’s a great social event on my server as we all go to the “purged” player to assist him/her and have lots of fun and opportunity to actually do something together.
Without it something exciting is going to go away and we need more content not to remove content.

I’d like to keep the old purge as an optional feature (as it always has been, we could enable or disable it in server settings) the old purge was something savage and inevitable, it was creating atmosphere of danger, excitement, the game is going to lose a lot of it’s feel without it. Having both the old purge and the new one would be perfection for me and my friends.

I am not asking for anything unrealistic, I am actually asking devs to not do anything at all :joy: but just add the mechanics of new purge to the game and allow private servers to decide for themselves as how to proceed with the old purge system.


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