Idea to Include the Old Purge with the New One

So we all know the old purge was bugged as all eff. But there are a select few of us players who liked the random survival aspect of unexpectedly being attacked by waves of invaders at a moment’s notice.

I think the new purge is cool, but to be frank, I miss the concept of the old purge.

Given this, I’d like to put forth an idea on how to have both worlds.

Would it be possible to implement a new placeable, specifically a banner that can display a clan crest if applicable, that functions in the same manner as the treasure coffer with a few differences:

  1. This banner’s aura only serves as a targeting beacon for a random purge. Within this aura, the server looks at the highest building tier present, number of thralls present, and number of beds with unique owners present. The difficulty of the purge is determined by what the server can see within that aura. Cheap, low level stuff draws riff-raff and rabble. High-Tier buildings and lots of thralls and player spawnpoints will summon organized militias near the level of the Stygians (or a roving Stygian strike group).

  2. The old purge meter is restored, but with better UI presentation (I mean seriously that old meter was ghetto af). When the meter is filled (in the same manner as the old one, but quicker), the server will trigger a purge that targets your banner. Note: Placing the banner automatically fills the meter by 10% and removing the banner will freeze your meter (for the whole clan if applicable). The meter will only decay so long as your banner remains up (There’s no point in adding in a manual purge trigger because that’s what the dang coffer is for).

  3. The purge enemies will primarily be humans, but not just Stygians, and accompanied by varied beastial helpers. The chance of rare named thralls spawning returns. I’d like to see enemies using Sorcery against us, but seeing as Age of War gets a Ch. 4 while Age of Sorcery seems to be treated like Act III of MGSV, I’m not sure I’ll ever see that. The enemies spawn in using the existing camp mechanic (but a smaller one, to allow more valid placement options). The spawning camp offers a Single Chest and Cage for loot/rescue.

  4. The purge doesn’t specifically target your banner, but everything within the aura of the banner. Their objective is nothing more than pure destruction. They want to kill your thralls, break your walls, and yes, ultimately cast down your banner. When their leader spawns in, he goes straight for your base. You don’t go to them, they go to you!

  5. Because placing this banner is entirely optional, it keeps the opt-in/opt-out choice in effect.

  6. Incentive for participation. Here’s the tricky part. Joining in on this should give some sort of reward and I have a few ideas that could be an incentive:
    A) Any Taverns within the banner’s aura have an increased chance of spawning named, rare thralls. OR
    B) Any Crafting Stations within the banner’s aura gain a 25% speed boost to production. OR
    C) Thralls and Clan members within the banner’s aura gain a significant damage, armor, and health boost [basically home-field advantage]
    D) In addition to these bonuses, the final boss not only drops the keys to the cage and chest, but also skeleton keys needed for dungeon chests.

As always, these are just random ideas I’m throwing around because there’s more to the game I wanna see (like additions to Sorcery for pete’s sake) and yes, it’s just another rant by a cranky old server admin, but just wanted to put it out there. After all, the last time I put out a TLDR suggestion type of post, FC actually implemented most of it so lol.

Anywho, Happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate it!


Honestly, I miss the idea of having animal purges and human purges, in addition to having different factions purge us, as opposed to just Stygians.


For me it doesn’t have to be a full-fledged purge system.
I would be happy if random groups of enemies (bandits, hyenas, etc.) could spawn and attack me. The foundation for such a system was already laid with groups of enemies attacking you on the way when you are transporting a large treasure. At night the frequency of Attacks could increase. The main thing is that it is getting more dangerous again in Conan Exiles. At the moment it seems like a relaxing vacation to me.


Very good concept. I agree with everything except animals, I don’t want to see them.
But I continue to think that in 4 months, after the end of the Age of War, we will return to the old purges.

Oh yes the old purge :heart_eyes: game without the old purge is not what it used to be, something is missing now… something that defined Conan Exiles.
The new purge was fun to kill several times, but now… I miss the old purge.

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