New Purge system removes another survival element from the game

The Purge that you can activate by pressing a button removes survival element from the game. Before you had to risk and develop your base strategically, because the Purge will come eventually and destroy you if you are not prepared. So you had to build your base AND develop your defenses. Now you can ignore it all-together and just live your best life and not worry about anything, because you don’t risk loosing everything anymore.

No Purge - no reward, you say? Why would I want rewards from the Purge, if everything they offer is aimed to improve my defenses agains more difficult purges. I don’t need that if I never activate the Purge to begin with…

Instead of the game creating challenges for me, I myself must create challenges for me now? Build a base and then test if I can survive against the Purge? This is a sandbox, not a survival game anymore.

While I like the idea of the new Purge, I HATE the fact that you have to activate it manually.
I really really really hate it. I am so mad right now. And sad :frowning:


The new purge doesn’t remove a survival element because it never existed to begin with.

Since the very beginning, players wishing to fully opt out of the purge on purge enabled servers could simply create a clan and remove themselves from it to reset their purge meters.

Assuming they weren’t in one of the situations where the purge would have a 100% fail rate because of glitches. There are players who have played on purge enable servers who have never in 5 years actually been purged, even without trying to avoid it.

The old system was a buggy mess and its about time it was gutted and replaced. The old purge should be left in the past and forgotten.


Now that I agree with.

At first I liked purges, they worked as expected. I could build to take advantage of them. Had everything set up, even a press gang I lead prospect friends to for a meet and great. Then they started going wonky, buggy. Of the last 6 I’ve had; at various map locations, 2 actually followed the path I set out, up and in to my base. The rest spawned in side my keep, or on top of my keep. And spawn an army for some mammoth build in my conservative hatbox. One completely leveled my keep I lost pretty much everything, lost all my thralls. One tore the front half off my base lost all my fighter/archer thralls. Most of my benches. One came through my roof, immediately took out my maproom; on the roof, the ceiling, my big wheel and thralls on it, all inside fighters and archers. Did manage to save all my bench thralls and most of my mats by swimming across the bay and staking chests. I was ready to move to no purge land yet again.

Now I am in control, so no reason to move. Chapter 2 looks real nice too so know I’ll be on live doing battle pass challenges once it get there. And am happy to set up my raider trap and see how it works.

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Well, having it optional, isn’t such a bad thing, some don’t want to deal with it, some do.

Just leave it active, and you can fight against the purge to your hearts delight. Honestly I don’t see why you’re so angry at this. You can play the way you wish to, and others the same. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Good riddance. I’ve always disliked the old purge system and how buggy it was. The new one is probably going to be just as buggy but at least you can pick the base which is going to be purged.


I’ve been playing the game since its launch, and if I were to say that I’ve faced 5 purges throughout this entire period, I think I’d be exaggerating. Purges have always been optional, and from my perspective, they’ve often disrupted the game. In my case:

1- I’ve experienced a lot of frustration in the game when purges triggered by other players destroyed my base. My solution has always been to use 2 secondary accounts to create “mini bases” around my main bases to prevent other players from building nearby. This only ends up cluttering the server with purposeless constructions. With the new update, these secondary account constructions will fall (as the new purge won’t target other players’ structures).

2- Since the Purge Meter decreases after a period of not playing, my strategy has always been to play on 2 official servers. I’d play on one server for a week and then switch to the other for a week. This way, my Purge Meter never filled up, and my base never fell due to decay. Because of this, I’ve been maintaining two relatively large bases on two official servers up until now, for the sole purpose of avoiding purges. With the new update, I’ll bid farewell to one server.

For me, whenever Funcom gives players the option to define how they want to play, everyone benefits. If the announcement were the end of purges altogether, I might even agree that players had a right to be upset. However, the purge is still there, optional as always, but this time without having to go through hoops to trigger it.


I hated hitting the purge meter and then having it stuck for days or weeks before it would actually summon (which would be at the worst time)

I live for purges, but some players hate them. Now the game can please both sides. It was a good move, IMO.
It seems to me the rewards kind of suck, though. Lvl 10 purges should give awesome rewards and that doesn’t seem to be the case.


Just wait till you try to carry those big treasures home. Bring help.

I’ll use gold instead, @DeaconElie You won’t see me doing that shit in a million years. :laughing:


the only thing i like about the new purge is the f.o.b that spawns with a clear distance and direction that the purges come from. anytime i had a purge start it was always in my base even when i had a clear way to my base in a open field or it would never show up and i would be stuck waiting for the purge to end so i could build my base some more.

I am not arguing with that. I just don’t like the fact that you have to activate it manually.

Some don’t want eat/drink mechanics. Make them optional too? In a survival game?


I agree. But there are should be better ways to create a risk of being destructed rather than removing it altogether. Old system was bad. The new system is totally different. It’s not a Purge anymore. It’s a challenge test.

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I am not asking to revert for the old Purge. It was bad. But I thing that the new Purge is bad too. It’s not a purge at all. It does not create risk, or tension. In survival game there always should be tension. Like, you need food, or you will die. You are risking to get too far from the home without being prepared. You are risking building too much, because you will tract more attention… Nothing of it remained in the game. And the new purge system does not fit into a survival game. It’s juts a tower defense mini-game that you can activate and play if you are bored. Like a fishing mini-game in MMOs.

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Yeah the idea of the purge I was ok with and kept things a bit interesting when it worked. It was just too buggy in practice though.

Do you know for sure that the new purge will come forever, and that they will not return the old one after the end of Age of War?

The problem is that it’s not actually letting players play how they want, since it’s removing the current purge, which is what some people like. Yes, you can game your way out of ever seeing a purge, but for those of us that like it, this removes it in favour of an activated attack.

It’s not the same at all. If they had left the old purge, and just added this as a new feature (or allowed you to select between the two), THEN it would be allowing people to play how they want.

This actually will ruin my personal game as it stands.

Well as mostly a solo player , i never got purged. Which means a whole aspect of the game i was missing.

I tested it out when it first dropped but that was with clanmates who have since moved on past this world.

So havent been in one since.

Official server purges were smoked sometimes before i even got there.

So i missed out again.

So this new one?

Not missing out. Now it will depend on how well prepared i am.

Yes, i tested it at level 10 purge already , 6 times so far and i can do it anytime i want, and when i have the time to do it.

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Response part II-

On IOS, some clan laid down a convergence trap near my base and lured accursed enemies from a purge to my base which was sandstone at the time.

Half the base was destroyed and the logs showed that it was accursed enemies in an area where they had no camps.

Imagine being that dumb to waste your resources to take out half a sandstone base.

So folks gaming the purge system to get a few laughs, are the ones you really should direct your unhappiness towards.

What y’all dont realize is every action you do in game is logged and can be accessed at anytime should the devs choose to do so.