Thoughts on the purge system

I just returned to the game after 1 year break.I have 1500 hours in this game and been here since january of 2017. Last time I played the purge didnt work at all, so I never saw a functioning purge until now when I started playing again. Funcom have struggled a lot to get this system to work. There have a huge amount of patches to fix it and it took over 1 year from it was implemented until it finally started working. Now it does work apparently, but why does it happen so seldom? In a survival game like this, I find it very weird that they choose for the purge to be like this. You can literally play on official servers for weeks without the purge happening. Its a cool system, but I should happen way more often imo. At least on PvE servers it should happen all the time.
They should make mini purges that happen often, maybe every time it gets dark, and have bigger purges happen with longer intervals.
Another thing I find really wierd is that they choose to make the purges weaker in the desert/swamp and stronger up north/vulcano. This doesnt make sense, because on PvP servers players build where the best spots are and not where the resources are. With pets, farm spec, horses, and maproom It doesnt matter where your base is. Getting resouces is pretty easy regardless.

The purge should be equally strong all over the map! Sandstorms should be upgraded so that they are equally dangerous to lvl 60 players that they are to level 1 players. The survival mechanics in Conan Exiles should in general be made much harder, because surviving in this game is so easy now that it doesnt feel like a survival game anymore and the game lacks content that keeps players enganged over long periods of time

Im looking forward to the new expansion, and I hope Funcom will make changes so that the world of conan exiles is again brutal, savage, challenging, and unforgiving like it was when the game was first released. As it is now its just a online multiplayer game with building mechanics.


I don’t find the purges rare on officials since we came back, and are no longer refreshing only, in January we have had one a week so far. This I believe is because we probably have the biggest bases on the server that has been up since the game launched.

if you start building due to new dlc addons like stables or killing to farm resources I find that meter is relentless.

It has forced us to put up a slave wheel near frost temple because they like attacking that oupost. Anything attacking our main base just dies because the thralls and pets just overrun the attack aside from dragons which we take out.

From our experience I would say its working for our clan sometimes its working to fast though given the frequency.

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Cool idea! Maybe the first step to a lively and more hostile environment!

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