Upcoming Purge remake ideas

Hello everyone,
I heard that there’s coming a remake of the Purge system.
We did not get it yet but it all sounds like the Purge is about to be made an optional thing and one can opt out of it simply by not building the treasure room and not gathering treasures.

This is a very bad idea in my opinion and I would like to have it made other way.

Just leave the existing Purge as it is, there is really not much going on in Conan, entire world is static, not moving, does not feel alive. And the Purge is the only occurrence when the world, the NPCs show to be active and come to the player.
I run my private server for over 2 years now and nobody complains about the purge. Our settings make it that it comes to every player around 2 times per week.
This filling up bar is a source of excitement, the Purge is going to come soon etc. It’s more fun because it’s inevitable.
For us every Purge is fun event, players go help each other, capture new Thralls, rare opportunity for entire server to do something together.
We have it set to maximum difficulty and I never seen a player unable to defend even solo.

We want it to stay as it is… it’s fun!

Developers could leave the old Purge - some vagabonds attacking player’s stronghold.
And add new mechanics linked with the treasure room - Stygian Army(?) coming on hard, with trebuchets, cavalry(!) and a sorcerer casting spells.

Just make it an optional, harder Purge and leave the one we know as it is.


I’d honestly prefer a convergence trap option available on Exiled Lands. That way if you don’t want the purge, you can just clear the meter and be done. That way it doesn’t block people from creating the new content coffer just because they want to.

The purges are part of the worst of the game, in my opinion. If the new raid system is as bugged out as the old purge system I can opt out, am so looking forward to one less thing to worry with.

The new purge having destructible trebuchets, like the obelisks from Grave Matters, only more durable. Or have them operated by npc’s who can be taken out by poison arrows.

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