Winter is coming (Epic server wide purges)

I want a purge so epic, that it unites the whole server on prime time, to stop a massive purge army that radiates out from the volcano, down toward the jungle, but leaves out the noob river.

A constant stream, wave after wave, for 5 straight hours.

Something players WILL prepare for. An event so legendary it’d resonate through the game industry in form of stories of loss and survival.

A struggle so compelling, it’d make PvP look like a joke! (or case study for CheatEngine.)

I want that trailer for Conan Unconquered to be a scene in Conan Exiles!

I want playing official PvE Conan Exiles to be a dare amongst friends! NO! A DOUBLE DARE!

I want people to be able to say “You seen nothing yet… Try surviving a purge in Conan Exiles.”

I want streamers on youtube to go “OMFG!!!” and shyte in their pants when their half-baked bases get ripped apart by that purge.

Imagine the people logging on, only to find their bases completely wrecked, because they thought Conan Exiles is a cake-walk.


I second this.

And then theres me, just wanting some sort of server wide announcement of sorts for purges in general :stuck_out_tongue: or if anything, make it so that the general area where the purge happens has some sort of announcement thing, to let players not of your clan know at what stage the purge is… Just so I won’t have to spam “Attacking!” and “Regrouping!” constantly in local chat, with an area big enough that people might not even get it XD

Yeah I’m all for this, though if Noob River is safe you’re going to see every established player build a safehouse down there with a couple of vaults (or more).

Though on the topic of Purges, I’d just like to see one, like… at all. Haven’t had one for half a year now. I know they work, technically speaking, but they require too much playtime to trigger.


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