The Purge in PvP

Apologies if this has been brought up before, but there’s a bit of a tension between the way the Purge works and the PvP raid window.

When your purge meter gets really high you have a few choices: log on in raid hours to fight the Purge; play only outside raid hours until it’s convenient to fight the Purge, or stop playing the game for a while until your purge meter goes down. Oh and on Siptah you can cancel or trigger it with the Convergence Trap I guess.

The problem is, two of the three main choices mean avoiding PvP hours. One of the choices is “avoid the game itself”, which can’t be industry best practice from a games company’s perspective!

Right now I’m only playing outside raid hours and am about to log off for a week to deplete my purge meter. I want to PvP, but if I log on I’ll have to defend my base from a purge or let it be smashed while I’m out trying to PvP (which is what I did last time). It’s not ideal. Removal of the raid window would fix this problem, as would DBD or even just having separate PvP and Purge windows. Maybe the Purge could be any time outside PvP hours so it uses PvE time instead of precious PvP time?

purge shouldn’t even be on during raid hours.

its a pve mechanic. Should be turned on all hours except raid…


I agree.

You should have the ability to direct a purge on others.

I mean it’s every few days and it gives you a timer to get back to your base. On top of that it’s not to difficult to defeat. You can do it!

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No I mean it happens at inconvenient times. It’s hard enough to be on at raid hours to PvP without having to deal with NPC purges. I don’t mind fighting the purge when it’s PvE time, but during raid hours I want to PvP.

But on official servers PvP hours are also purge hours!?

My purge meter gets cut to about 1/3rd if I’m off for just 48 to 50 hours. I don’t think you need a week, do you?

I have had purges on official PVP servers come at any time.

Unless something changed…
When the meter gets full you get the purge, whither you’re on line or not, raid hours or not.

OK maybe not a week, but even 48-50 hours is a long time if you’re trying to exact swift retribution on someone. “I’ll get you for this… in three days. My purge meter is full.”

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Hmm. I’ve never been purged with a full meter, maybe that happens any time? Only ever been purged when it’s past one of the lines but below full, and it’s always been in raid hours. I’m pretty sure the server settings say Purge = raid hours? Now I’m not sure.

I just checked the Official I’m on RN, and you are correct purge is limited to with in the raid window, just an hour later start. I have never been purged on this server, I’ve only been active again a short time.

Apparently things have indeed changed.


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