Please no afk purges

Dear team Funcom,

It would be awesome and much appreciated if you would put the general setting on official servers to ‘1 member online’ when a purge will be activated. It is sad to miss a purge or worse have your base destroyed by one whilst you are not online.

Thanks in advance for your attention,

Kind regards,

Sarkany ,
clan Relic Hunters,
1011 official.


I still agree with this (it’s been one of my pet peeves for a while).

I never got the point of trying to replicate the asshattery of offline raiding. I understand it’s borderline unavoidable in a PvP scenario without some core changes to how the game works (one side or the other would end up exploiting the rules). That’s not the case in PvE - or rather, the “Environment” part of “PvE” wouldn’t do anything the system didn’t tell it to, so it’d just be a matter of worrying about players exploiting the system (and since it’s easily possible to avoid purges entirely if one is so inclined anyway, what is there to worry about?).

Of course it currently doesn’t matter to me since the Purge meter goes down so fast when you’re offline that I haven’t seen a Purge in… a long LONG time now (outside of Singleplayer tests anyway). But just because it doesn’t impact me personally doesn’t mean I can’t have an opinion on it :stuck_out_tongue:


Your title is kinda missleading…

AFK = you are in the game, but not infront the keyboard/joypad.

But you are talking about purges, where NO ONE is in the game.

Which I am also at your side!! Also the declining of the purge-bar should be way slower…

You hit the nail on the head! The way the game is right now, offline Purges happen to the least deserving people.

If you’re the only active player in the clan, it’s a lot of hard work to even trigger one. On the other hand, griefers are careful to either not get purged or to defend their stuff.

So who gets stuck with an offline Purge? A clan who plays the game normally but just happens to have done enough to get the meter over the threshold on a day when none of the members can play during the Purge window. And yeah, that happens. Not often, but it does.

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Or it shouldn’t decline at all.

My opinion is that the meter should fill every 7 days regardless of activity and should only purge when online.
But make purges happen 24 hours a day.

Oct 2018 was our last one, if you don’t count the offline purge last May that required a castle build and mass Nord genocide for 8 hours a day over 4 days.


You are right, I mean indeed purge when none is online!

It is hard work to get the purge line up enough, I love a purge and so does my clan mate (gf), especially the human ones. For some reason they start nearly always when we aren’t logged on yet or after we logged off. We have responsibilities in real life as well :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


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