Clan shows offline

When I check my clan status it shows that we/they are offline.
Its a one man clan,was told this might help with purge not working.

Hey there, we’ll need to ask you for a little more information. Are you actually a one-person clan? Or does it just appear that way?

I am a one man Clan.
Was told this is why purge is not working on my server.
I am Admin/owner.
Hope this helps?
More details on my Purge not working on other post.
FillPlayerClanPurgeMeter (just your clan)
FillAllClanPurgeMeters (all clans on server)
StartPlayerPurge (after bar is full)
StartNextPurgePhaseor help
These commands also don’t work.

Sorry, I’m just having trouble understanding what bug you are reporting. If you’re in a one-person clan then yes, nobody else will show as online, because it’s you. Is this actually about the purge?

I probably shouldn’t interject but it appears to me that he started a one-man clan in an attempt to fix the purge. The purge on single player/co-op has been broken since the first big update to the purge. It takes like a week for it to start regardless of the settings (if it ever starts at all).

And now he’s concerned that it’s showing his clan as offline.

I just started a clan in single player. It should at least show that ‘he’ is online.


Greetings All,
First off I am admin of 20 players Server.
Yes it should show that I am online.
Thank You ExNih I agree with you.
Also why would you release a game with Purge and it doesn’t work on Co-op.
Thank You

This is from another Purge Post.
yeah is there anything official here? We have yet to have a purge on our server…and like others have stated, masssive amounts of construction, killing, leveling, etc.
Yes our admin can trigger one…but that’s dumb

I think this is why my purge does not work.
If it shows I am offline then I don’t get the purge.
Have not heard from you since first purge.

Two other clans of two people said they were showing offline also.

I’d like to add in here that the online detection seems to be bugged anyway.

Let me preface this - I’m a software developer with 20+ years experience, so hopefully this info will be useful to the devs.

I’ve got a private server with myself and my wife in the same clan … the clan tab shows us both as offline when we are both clearly online.

In regards to the purge issue, I’ve tested. If I set the purge settings to require 1 or more players online (tested with values 1 and 2) then we never get a purge - even when the purge meter is full.

If I set the purge settings to require 0 players online the purges happen normally, even when we are both offline.

This tells me that the game is simply not detecting the online/offline state of players correctly.

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I know this is a 2 month old post but its unresolved and my own posts have no response to this issue.

So to add some info. G-Portal private server. XBOX

The server is displaying all clan members who are logged into the game as OFFLINE in the clan tab. If the purge settings are set to trigger only when players are online this prevents the purge from ever happening because the server doesn’t recognize anyone as online.

We found that if the clan leader promotes and demotes clan members the server will then show the players as online and the purge triggers as it’s supposed to.

When a player dies they respawn as offline in the clans tab. Another promotion/demotion will fix the status again. So the only way for the purge to work at all is for the clan leader to be around to constantly promote/demote players in a clan to get the server to show them as online.

This is something that needs immediate attention. We’ve been waiting a long time paying for servers and no word that funcom is even aware of the problem let alone have it on a fix list.

Any info on this would be appreciated

Same for us [PC][PVE-C] g-Portal rented server. As soon as I set the purge to ignore online status, it triggers right away, destroying bases when nobody is online. The game seems to think everybody is offline so they do not start when set to min 2 players online to trigger.

Did you guys fix this in the new patch?

We had to set purge to only activate if 1 player is online. This had to be done before the patch, if you wanted it to work. Now it looks like it’s the other way around? :fearful:

G-portal, private PVE server. - No mods.

We have several clans, consisting of more than one member, including my own. None of these clans will show the members as being online, unless I right click on one clanmember and demotes/promotes that member, then the list will refresh and show online my clans members as actually being online. If I die I will once more appear as offline, and I have to repeat the process.
This also apply for the other clans, in the exact same way.

The server is set to have purge activated if 1 player is online, and since I changed to this from 0 players, there have been no purges. Set to 0 we had several purges, mostly when players were offline.