Purges hitting offline players?

Anyone else had this issue? I play on a private server that has a large player base. Two days ago we increased some of the settings to try to get more purges into the game for our player base. Only one purged happened correctly, but the issue that is concerning me is that last night (pst time) two players (one with a clan of three people, one without a clan at all) got attacked while all members were offline and had their bases destroyed. I was under the impression that purges can only happen in you’re online.

There is a server setting that can be toggled for this, something like minimum players online for purge… if it’s set to 0 (default) then offline purges can happen

I thought I read somewhere that setting the minimum online players for a purge to 0 would just cause it to go up to 1. But I can’t find where I saw that, so maybe I don’t remember correctly.


Looks like you’re right! 0 is default.

Thank you lots. I was under the impression 0 = 1 as well. I’ve let my admins know and in the process of changing it.

In what world does 0 = 1?

Haha kidding, glad you spotted the issue… I’m actually a software engineer so I know what you’re talking about lol

Excellent. Hopefully it works. There’s quite a few reports about various settings not working at all.

I’m update if it doesn’t :wink:

I figured out where 0 = 1 is from… In the tool tips when you hover over the slider for that adjustment it says “1 must be online for a purge to trigger” But apparently that means 1 on the entire server, despite it targeting offline players.

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