MinPurgeOnlinePlayers BUGGED

The Server Setting for MinPurgeOnlinePlayers is bugged!

Setting it at 2 and there are 2 people online, DOES NOT trigger a purge. It only works set to 0!

I have also wondered about this setting in general, does it mean players online in the whole server? if so that still means a clan can get offline purged if there are people from another clan online, with seems to defeat the point of the setting as far as I can tell (assuming it IS to prevent offline purges). Or it means, in the clan being purged. meaning if set to 2 or higher, no solo player or 1 person clan can ever be purged.

I did some testing with this on a private server with all players separate and than all players in a clan and these are my findings.

Purge can occur when set people are online not needed in same clan
Purge will still happen is not enough players are on server total. It just required max players for server to be online (ie set purge to 5 with only 4 players on server will only occur when all 4 present)
Purge can attack near by settlements of people not originally targeted by purge

Wish we knew if any of these bugs would ever be fixed!!!