Online/Offline player detection not working (also affects purges)

Game mode: Online - Private server
Problem: Bug
Region: EU

Let me preface this - I’m a software developer with 20+ years experience, so hopefully this info will be useful to the devs.

I’ve got a private server with myself and my wife in the same clan … the clan tab shows us both as offline when we are both clearly online.

In regards to the purge issue, I’ve tested. If I set the purge settings to require 1 or more players online (tested with values 1 and 2) then we never get a purge - even when the purge meter is full.

If I set the purge settings to require 0 players online the purges happen normally, even when we are both offline.

This tells me that the game is simply not detecting the online/offline state of players correctly.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

There are two ways to see this issue…

  1. Create a clan with a bunch of players
  2. Check the clan tab while any/all of players are online with you

You will see that all are shown as offline.


  1. Setup a private server - set the purge settings to require 1 player online
  2. Create a clan on the server
  3. Do stuff until the purge meter is full - no purge will happen
  4. Change the server settings to require zero players online - now purge will trigger
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