Purge not triggering/Clan members not showing

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So, we are one of the many servers that isn’t getting purges ever even though the meter has been filled for weeks. G-Portal private XBOX PVE.

I noticed that on the clan tab the server was reporting No clan members online even though 6 players were logged in and playing.

My settings are for a minimum of 2 clan members online for the purge to happen to prevent purges when nobody is around.

If the server isn’t recognizing players are on perhaps this is why many (most) of us are not getting the purge to work.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

I’ve also noticed that Clan members are not showing as being online. We had 4 on there the other day and nobody was showing as online. We have a private server through G-Portal. Perhaps its something to do with them?

G-Portal techs pointed the finger this way. Suggested creating a support ticket at funcom to let them know.

Without a response from funcom it’s hard to tell if they are aware or not. There are other posts of it not working but nothing clear on if they know about this specific issue related to the problem or not. Add a reply or making a new thread in support would probably be useful.

At least on PC you can get online players to show as online (where shown as offline) by demoting/promoting another clan member, this will refresh the status. My experience is that dying will again make you appear as offline. Found this work around today, so have not tested yet if being shown as online in the clans tab will trigger a purge. My private server is also on G-portal.

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We tried your suggestion and promoted a player. This did work and set everyone to online. This DID trigger the purge. :+1:

Players who died during the purge respawned as offline.

So this is a wonky temp solution for those of us not able to get purges working.

Have clan leader promote/demote players to get the status to set to ONLINE.


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Great to hear it worked… I’m still waiting for “my” purge to get triggered. But at least this seems to work to get purges started then. Wonky - yes!