Purge Glitching again

Official Server 3881 PVE online.

We have had at least 3 purges come our way these past couple of weeks and theses are the problems we have seen.

  1. These last few purges have sent us Imps.
  2. The purge only lasts 1 wave.
  3. Imps keeping glitching into the mountain behind our base.
  4. We don’t get a message saying the purge has ended.

I Honestly look forward to the purges. I really hope you guys can find a solid fix for it. I really enjoy the mechanic. Thank you for your time.

Not a fix but something I have noticed from the purges I’ve been involved with is if you see where the first wave spawns do your best to vacate the area between waves. The goal is to have no players in that area so the the next wave can use the same spawn point.

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