Our Broken purge

Game mode: [Online ]
Problem: purge
Region: Oceanic pve-c official 3952

Our purge is broken. Purge 1 broken only 2 wolves. Purge 2 the same thing happened only 2 wolves. 2 nights in a row.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:


Hey there @DigitalKnight79

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In which biome is the base targeted by that purge located? We have been working on an issue that makes some biomes only experience one kind of purge every time, so this could be a similar problem.
Thanks for your feedback.

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We have buildt our base on the ridge by new asgarth next to the first watch tower

It’s not a full purge just 2 wolves

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Thanks for the additional information. Our team is working on a fix for that issue. It should be released soon. :slight_smile:

If you have not done this already … if you have another purge with only a couple of npc or animal turn up then have a good look around your entire base for stuck / lost purge creatures.
Someone on my server was also having short purge waves and after I told them to look for NPCs that were stuck and not able to path to the rest, she found some …, killed them and the next wave triggered.

Our first purge in many months after the March patch had a set of NPCs spawn on the shore opposite my base … some ran into the water and were stuck there floating in place yelling at us in the dark … we had to kill them with arrows before the purge moved to the next wave of adds.

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We looked all over for stuck NPCs didn’t find any

Had this with a few, they were inside rocks (had be mined out, lol) had a few spawn in ground/walls. Had use poison arrows and orbs to hit them/find them and progress the waves. =/

Must of been the French from Holy Grail, hurling insults at you :slight_smile:

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