Did anyone get online purged on official PvE? Cuz purges seem to happen only offline


Hi guys,

Before I write a bug report, I need to get my facts straight first.

Did anyone after the last hotfix get purged while being online?
Cuz all of my friends who are offline during purge time got purged. Non have ever gotten an online purge after last hotfix.


N/M. A friend just got purged by Gorillas.

Hrm… The ones with several bases rarely get purged tho, including me…

I been 100%purge meter for 2 weeks now.

Keep in mind official servers have set purge hours and maximum number of purges. Divide that across all the ‘bases’ on the server that have a filled purge meter. Regardless of how active they may or may not be. Good luck getting purged, the odds are against you.

Keep in mind what the game considers a base, you may not. There have been reports of a few foundation groups/ceilings getting purged.

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