Favourite THRALL and most sought after THRALL

I guess I come at this from a different perspective. I do believe thralls are an intended perk of the Purge: “If you do decide to risk it the rewards might be worth it, but you should definitely take the time to build up your defenses.” I don’t have 100 thralls, I can’t possibly use even a fraction of them on the purge as it would take forever just to place them, plus I’m a solo player (that may be the biggest factor for me in how I fight the purge).

Maybe I’m not that great at combat, but when I have 3 or 4 Sabertooths chasing me, as well as a one skull mob, it ain’t easy, at least for me! My 3 or 4 thralls are busy knocking out whom they can at this point, but I still find the high level purges in Mounds area to be challenging for the most part. If I had someone else fighting with me, I probably wouldn’t find it all that challenging, so I understand your point that for some the purge seems like too easy of a mechanic to deliver such rare rewards :slight_smile:

I think we all have such different playstyles that it would be near impossible to make the purge seem fair to everyone, cause I know of many people who complain about it being too difficult, whereas others think it’s far too easy!

Working your a*s off to get a bunch of Skeletons that can be found in the Unnamed City is a real bummer, that’s happened to me three times in the past two months haha I’m very happy they changed Frost Giant purge to add human thralls (the Aesir are awesome). I think they should it for every Purge!

Sorry it was a rhetorical thing. Anyways. Thralls.

I actually love T3 thralls more than not because they are so easy to get, tame, and level. While everyone else works on that zerker, RHTS, or DSH I got 6 T3’s up to level 20 with war party pumping out the levels. In PVE, the T3’s are adequate defenders and are completely dispensable. In PVP, the sheer volume that can be made in the short amount of time means I recover quickly and it is a big ole pain to deal with that many thralls…giving me more time to bug out.

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Sometimes I forget when levelling up new thralls that at one point they all used to take twice as much XP to level per level. Around 2.4mil from 19-20 for Dalinsia was quite the slog!

The title of this thread is “Favourite THRALL and most sought after THRALL,” NOT let’s discuss the “Purge mechanics and thralls in a purge.” Please stay on the topic. If you want to discuss Purges and what is or is not included in them, please open a separate thread.


My apologies about helping derail the thread. Here, I made a new one, so if there’s anything people still want to discuss, let’s go there and let this thread stay on topic:

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This is such an awkward issue for this one.

Let’s start with the ones that are sorta must haves in any run that involves property people.

Exiled Lands

  1. Ciria the Mad. She was the first named thrall this one ever acquired. Thus there is always a soft spot and in the heart.

  2. Ansina Hidden-Daggers. She is more obscure in reasoning. This one participates in a couple B-Movie appreciation societies. There was an extremely B-Movie 80s movie called Cannibal Hookers. Some of this one’s friends were in the room when while playing and they asked what was going on. Explaining that Darfari are cannibals amongst other things. This led to the insistence that no house is a real home without a Cannibal Hooker.

There are others that this one is very fond of, but those two, early game tho they are, take the lead.


  1. Senja. Similar to Ciria above, she was the first named thrall this one acquired on Siptah. Also, her appearance has fluctuated significantly across versions.

  2. Eina the Light. It isn’t a Siptah run until this one has sprung Eina out of a Cage. She was in the very first thrall cage this one ever opened and has become something of a good luck charm now.

Now, if we are shopping for actual combatants rather placating wibbles…
Treasure Seekers have the variety of appearance, ease of capture, and very solid stats that put them head and shoulders above other targets for recruitment. While this one does not believe they need a nerf (they are perfect for late game thralls) this one does think perhaps the Cimmerians, and especially the Volcano thralls need a parity bump up.
Honourable mention are the no longer enslavable bandits in Sepermeru. As that city is non-hostile, this one has grotesque conniption fits about putting anyone there on the wheel. But when the bandits were first added, it was finally a fair game target for concussions and safe knowledge that putting them to the wheel was a public service.


I used to target specific thralls in Single-player. T4 Dancers - Dances-With-Bears and Nimbletoe (Nimbletoe has the largest…airbags of any dancer in the game). Fighters - Ladagera, The Witch Queen, Emissary (the female one), The Arena Champion, Rabid Milly and two Berserkers (one Aesir, one Cimmerian). Crafters - Aesir and Accursed factions only


Favourite thrall (if he counts) is by far my Tiger.:tiger2: But if not then I will go with Dina Master Huntress, who I feel bears a striking resemblance to Aela the Huntress from Skyrim in both name and appearance

Most sought after thrall Syra Brennehet! I have been trying to collect all named female Dancers in the Exiled Lands, and she is one of the only 2 remaining. But the thing is this. I have been playing since launch on consoles and have not seen her spawn even once in 4 years! Not-even-once. It is almost maddening. RNGesus must be laughing its ass off at me.


I have 6k hours… Seen her only once… Ofc i took her home!!! She dances in the center of my maproom!!! So keep farming volcano (i got ger at the shrine of the oracle)!! Hope u luck with her!!


Great find there Ragnaguard. The Shrine of the Oracle is where I search for her too. The problem is that the numbers of other potential spawns coupled with her low percentage of actual chance to spawn make her very tricky to catch. But I’m not giving up.


you have renamed the name of your slave.

by default the names of the slaves are translated into several languages.

according to the chosen languages.

is therefore. I advise you to delete the name that you put to him in order to see his real name.

to avoid suspicion :stuck_out_tongue:

its too bad to edit the name of a very rare slave

The thralls at my place that do not have the [R] at the end are not mine. They belong to another clanmate (check initials to see who they belong to).

All thralls that i had before the rename patch are named as noobs (noob I, noob II etc) , or not renamed at all.

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My favorite thrall was the Captain from Sepermeru, sadly he/she is no longer in the game, my most sought after thrall was for many years Grrr Legbiter, I mean he was a master of living in the shadows, hiding and just being incredibly rare for a long time… Ah those were the days :heart_eyes:

Today I don’t really care that much about collecting certain thralls since they are no longer special compared to other same type thralls, also I would rather once in a while start a new character in a new server to experience some of the magic from building up instead of having more than enough of everything, I don’t really feel entertained by spending many hours/days/weeks/months just to get something that won’t really benefit me other than being just another collectible :grin:


My favorite on siptah is ulrick the the accursed the best fighter and hes an archer! On exiles my favorite is spinas the marauder


Not exactly, but not bad


This. I mean why waste the time trying to find that unique gem when you could be collecting your God breaker kit and rng mistmourn (my favorite PvE kit nowadays)

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On that note… my favorite thrall will be… the freaking bladesmith that first shows their face after having me farm all NPC factions for days now lol…


Mine is godly 60 vit 55str. Hallowed, redeemed, might of giants,ive had all the thralls on sipta and hes my strongest .he solos the judge no problem after the 3.0 nerf .there somthing with this one hes just good.

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In all the time that has passed since they introduced T4 thrall specializations, I’ve never, ever had a bladesmith. I’ve given up on that goal.