The Thralls FANS gallery

This thread is about posting pictures of our favourite thralls of the game with the personnal equipement and dye we decided to give to them.
And while you are here i’d like to know what are you favourite NAMED or lv 4 thralls in each job of the game, like your favourite smelter, tanner, fighter etc…so we might get an idea of the community most POPULAR named thralls of the game

  1. favourite armorer: iriz and diana steelshaper (iriz for her recipes, diana for her cute look)

  2. favourite archer: conchaka and freya

  3. favourite carpenter: rayne o the rosewood

  4. favourite smelter: yael the shemite (but only the old model)

  5. favourite tanner: none i would say firis but her outfit…

  6. blacksmith: beri

  7. bearer: Amzadi

  8. cook: vatessa

  9. fighter: dalinsa and any cute female berserker

  10. taskmaster: risa

  11. dancer: the old model of ionna the seductress

PLEASE TRY TO POST ONLY 1 PICTURE PER POST, but of course you can post as many screens as you like. The more the better…:wink:


And here are some screens of my favourite random thralls in the nexts posts.

The old model of sadeh the lith


an hyrkanian random tier 3 dancer from the blackhand


a stygian random tier 2 archer from the den


a cimmerian random lvl 3 smelter


Great idea, I will also put beautiful female maids / thralls !

great! can’t wait to see your nice catches :smiley:

It’s not only a gallery for female thralls of course, male thralls are welcome as well :sunglasses:

Haha, lol, of course, men too ! (but more girls anyway ! :stuck_out_tongue: )

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A cimmerian berserker


Beautiful Dalinsia Snowhunter (Fighter) found around the mounds / hillocks of the Dead (in the North West) :
(Cimmerian, Forgotten Tribe)

Dalinsia taking her bath (Unfinished and undecorated Baths / Basins, for now) :

Daya Drinks-lead, smelter, found I don’t remember where, either at Sepermeru or at the Black Galley, but I think it was black galley.


Dalinsa is pretty cute indeed :sweat_smile: . Only a shame she is so easlily cloned when you look for her at the mounts…

Strangely,Your DAYA has a more common breast size than mines. Mines have such a tiny breast size. May i offer you a fair trade :wink: ?
She comes from sepermeru indeed.

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No, I’m keeping the girl, she’s mine ! It’s my thrall ! lol :stuck_out_tongue:

hé hé :sunglasses:

A woman merchant who has understood everything to trade !

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she is cute indeed.
Good luck breaking her on the wheel mate !!!

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No, I never caught the merchants, I never tried it, lol. I even thought it was impossible to capture them, being merchants. And I do not know what they are worth.

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Two Dalinsia for the price of one ! And sexy !

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Merram, Cook, the most beautiful girl I found in the game !

Beri, Blacksmith, New-Asagarth.


Well, yes, the “named” tralls of old models (from early access) are now the greatest value - if someone is interested in their appearance. After the developers - another example of a “perfect relationship” to their work :unamused: - blinded them all under several templates, and they are now all in one person :confounded:.