The best thralls (my opinion)

I’ve been on vacation for the last month and for my vacation I sat home(for a month) and played Conan:Exiles all day (and night). I literally only slept every other night. During this time I did a lot research into the current state of the thralls in this game. Here’s my conclusion:

At number 1 we have the infamous Cimmerian Berserker. Why? Because they have the highest damage versus vitality pool. Also because they’re easy enough to farm.

At number 2 we have the notorious Dalinsia Snowhunter. Damage output is slightly less than the berserker, health pool slightly larger. Also Dalinsia has a decent ranged attack bonus so if you give her the STR based bows she makes a viable fighter/archer. Dalinsia would be at number except for the fact that she is a rare find.

For number 3, exclusively as an archer and deployed for defensive purposes only…Beast Master Teimos. His health pool is pretty much s**t compared to the berserkers and Snowhunter but they start with 30 points to agility, have a decent ranged attack bonus and they still level up really fast compared to the other thralls. So level them up to at least 15, takes about a half hour maybe. This will increase their health pool and give you a few perks to reroll if need be, and then place them in an archers position. Also easy enough to farm.

I don’t bother with Lian /Janos but I’m sure they’re far better fighters than Teimos possibly even a tie for the berserkers.

At dead last is the Relic Hunter Treasure Seeker. I gave them a fair chance, they just don’t measure up as well as any of the above although they are very easy to farm in quantity. They have a decent armor rating due to their Grit, which gives them some durability but their damage output is lacking, which means the mobs get to beat on them for longer. They are viable thralls, but the Cimmerians are better in my opinion.

All this is based on me in an encumberance, STR or AGI build, no authority, fighting side by side with the thralls.

Also the volcano fighters(just his, Eri, Daicus, Spinas are a tie for second with the Snowhunters. On average they have a similar health pool to the berserkers, slightly lower damage output and still are random spawns making them not as easy to farm as the berserkers.

I will also say that it has been said that the volcano thralls make the best Resurrected Corpses but the berserkers and Volcano archers are equally as good as the volcano fighters for the Shallow Grave.

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You definitely need to check Thugra and Cannibal Brutes. They were seriously buffed and have the highest melee dmg modifier any thrall ever had. With some luck and elixirs you might get them to go around 4k health.
RHTS are no longer a good choice. Middle tier. :unamused:


Clearly this mistake will not pass next update, no way dafari should outgun vulcano or nordheimers.

How this go past QA is beyond me everytime.

N’Batu has always been on my list as strong hitter, now they seem all the same someone claim.

Named vs Canibal Brutes, wich share the same yellow hp bar.

Right now, I have a feeling that Lian is potentially the best warrior, because he gains strength and health faster than berserkers and Dalynsia.
(I don’t know about Janos, 2 years ago I found a serious defect in him, all his combos were broken, and after that I never used him).
Named Darfaris can only be the best when they gain good health.
As for Teimos, with his multipliers of 1.3 and 1.2, he became absolutely no and no better than any other named pirate. Gall and Hekkr have become much better than him.


Doesn’t really matter anymore, they are all so close to equal that none rise above. It was different years ago when the game was still interesting. Today it doesn’t matter what the thrall is, even a naked player can kill them alone though they are T4 equipped with top tier weapons and armor. Not to mention that a shoebill just killed my berserker when he was guarding outside my base. And a mountain goat killed my lion. Even lower tier thralls equipped with low level gear at well under 10 level beat world bosses with no problem, so it really doesn’t matter anymore. The game has gone down the toilet.

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The developers just mocked the lions! Hitting a large lion paw at level zero - 9 damage! For comparison: the bite of a wild hyena - 22! :rage:

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I did this for straight 8 days when Corona was on pandemic state. Fortunately i got Corona virus and i had the privilege to be isolated in a room playing Conan exiles day and night :rofl::rofl::rofl:. Unfortunately it was only 8 days and tbh my oxygen the first 2 days was very low so i was sleeping more than playing.
People back then looked corona as a curse for me it was blessing ( i am a freak i know).
I am pretty sure you had fun @WhiteRabbit, well done :metal:.
However i wish to you for the next year to spend one month in a sunny island on a beach with a person you are in love m8.
I do agree with your feedback and i didn’t try nordheims either.
About relic hunters? It’s the story of this game, from the highest peak to the ground. But berserkers had always a standard quality, always between if not the best. Now i do believe too that they are the best for the reasons you said. :metal:


Is Mandughai Hundred-Arrow a decent archer anymore? At one point she was top tier…

These thralls will be nurfed in the next update it’s a bug ….

No thrall from noob river should be more powerful than a volcano thrall
They need to stop posting Barbie memes and do some hot fixes…

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No one?
And stereotypes aside: why on earth should a black warrior from the South be ALWAYS weaker than a black warrior from the North?
Does he not have enough food? Or is the genetics different?

Because it takes more effort to get a thrall from the north ….

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This is your personal preference in the game. And purely logically, they do not stand up to criticism, and the developers also never believed that there should be the most powerful warriors on Vulcan.

It’s an opinion… from previous experience they are the new, Vathis/teimos… say goodbye either way.

I’m currently playing on the Savage Wilds map. There is a huge northern ice area, 40% of the map. And only one camp where you can take thralls. Mostly camps with Hyperboreans that cannot be stunned. They have more than a thousand health, but they are weak, weakly hit. But in the central part - the Nordheimers and Cimmerians, they are much stronger, and there it is much more dangerous.
The same was true for EL.
I never went to Vulkan specifically for thralls, the best thralls were further south.
This is to the question of the philosophy of the game map.

As for the Darfari - yes, I agree that making them the strongest, and even so strong, was not very logical.
But now I’m thinking: let it be like this for some time … some compensation for 5 years of gaming humiliation. :sunglasses:

I play Xbox
Game is too easy now you don’t need thrall ,you dont even need pants :v: I’d link a video but I will get silenced for another month

FFS… I opened this thread thinking to myself… I hope it’s not a silly thread trying to recommend Teimos again…
And I don’t even read 2 lines of it… and there it is LOL… seriously… Teimos is dead… cope with it :stuck_out_tongue: For ANY purposes… defensive or otherwise

As far as the rest of the post goes:

Currently Thugra / Cannibal Brute / Ritualist are the best thralls by a stupidly large margin where it’s not even comparable to any other thrall (not even berserkers) with the only caveat that you need to feed them a few rebirth elixirs so they have at least 3k hp.

??? You can literally buy her. Is it RNG, yes, but it is soooo easy to still stack up on Dalinsias. And the other 5 you do get make great meat shields to put aroumd the base.

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Teimos R.I.P.
Treasureseekers R.I.P.

Lian is the king thrall now. Make no mistake. He is an ALWAYS spawn at Lian’s Watch and starts with 30 str and 15 vit.

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It is more about the areas that they come from in the game. Volcano is supposed to be the top tier difficulty area and thralls there are incredibly tough. Noob river is just a starting zone and thralls there tend to be the weaker for it.