Who is the best thrall?


Hello colleagues, how are you? Today I come with a different question for you which is the best slave that we can have for PVP? My 3 favorites are Berserker Cimerio, Espinas and Dalinisia Cazadora de las nieves. If I had to choose one, I would choose Dalinisia. what do you guys say?:thinking::thinking:

Berserkers. They have static spawn. If a thrall has enough strength it’s vitality matters less especially if it has a crom sword from the un named city. My fighter thralls have over 50 strength per and those where my go to’s while I wasn’t banned for nothing

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You want to take the best stats basically

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Purge fighters from Cimmerian purges. Better then Dalinsia.


Thanks bro!!

Yes that is true bro!!

Purge fighters are the worst to be honest the strength multiplier is worse than others like snowhunters, berserkers and volcano fighters. Purge is around 3.4x and the others are 3.9x and trust me if you want a 1 tap thrall you want those berserkers with TONS of strength

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Yes i have like 40 berserks at my base they are insane jaha

Berserkers, they are so strong, but if you Are low level maybe the hunter seekers,

The relic hunters are a very decent archer thrall to post for defense with little investment of time (IE, since they are mainly to deter climbers fro archer towers, so no need to level them beyond 10). They they start with 20 or 30 in ACC rating I believe. And use cooked savory (blue) fish to pump that even more.
Plus you can mass farm them in UC and the beginning of the wine cellar…easily filling a greater wheel. The also break i believe as a T3, which means very quickly with a t4 taskmaster.

But get the fighter version only, as for some reason it starts with higher vitality than the archer version.


You may want to see how they start off by looking at the following post, but I agree with most of the above. If you are looking for numbers …



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I just got a beast-tamer Varet. (https://conanexiles.gamepedia.com/Beast-Tamer_Varet) He is a beast (is he taming himself not to destroy the Exiled lands?), starting at 11K HP when he gets out of the playground.
Not the best, but decent damage multiplier, and with a god-breaker set he is indestructible, I don’t even heal him. If he dies somehow he deserves it. Dying with 20K+ health in single player…?

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