Best Fighter Thrall?

Just wondering what the best thrall is for fighting. I see Cimmerian Berserkers and Dalinsia a lot. Any other top tier fighters or is that it?

Well, I’d say Dalinsia and the Cimmerian Berzerkers are the best fighters, indeed. Fighters from the volcano are not bad either, but come second.


Imo, Dalinsia > Volcano > Cimmerians berserkers > Relic hunters

Lian and Janos do better damage at level 0, in comparison with berserkers. That’s because they starts at 30 strength, and have strength multiplier 3.4125 which means 102 strength at lvl 0.
A berserker has 15 strength at lvl 0, with strength multiplier 3.92 which means 58 strength at lvl 0.
I would go for Lian as best damage fighter because of the 100% respawn rate.

I’m not 100% sure, but I don’t think it actually works like that.

Indeed it is not a “strenght multiplier” but a “damage multiplier”.
It should work more or less like that: damage of the weapon x damage multiplier + strenght multiplier

Example: I give to a cimmerian berserker with 30 strenght a crom’s sword with the upgrade, so 96 damage. 96 damage x 3,92 = 372,32

Every point of strenght adds 1.2% damage multiplier 30 str should be around +36%

372,32 + 134 (the 36%) = 506,35 damage

I’ll take a Lian with 45 strenght now with the same weapon: 327,36 + 170 = 497,58 damage

with more levels the gap will increase, moreover Lian is really low in hp

Your argument is invalid.

Are you 100% sure? :S

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