Thrall Stats altered

Game mode: Single-player
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvP
Region: US

The Cimerian thralls are now weaker than the Relic Hunter thralls even though the A.I. Cimerians are still much stronger than Relic Hunters. I’ve been able to confirm this with Berserker vs Captain and the dancers. I don’t know why the 2nd best thralls are now weaker than the 4th best thralls, the only advantage being their starting weapons.

***Spawn in or capture any of the listed thralls


Relic Hunters were buffed several months ago to be the top-tier thralls, on par with the Volcano dudes.


Hi @Zantalar, do you have any numbers to support your findings or is this all based on your personal feeling?

pretty sure it was listed in patch notes, can’t remember when thou

As far as I’m aware thralls still don’t have stats, just HP. Relic hunters have much more HP about 1.5k more than the Cimerians, that is extremely significant, as it means they have roughly tripled in HP. Cimerians are only better in dps which is only because they start with better weapons, that can easily be mitigated once you can make star metal or better gear. Mind you my favorite place to build my first base is next to the relic hunter city so it works out majorly for me, it just seems a bit overpowered. Yes I get the Cimerian AIs are stronger likely because of their armor and weapons, I do think it should be worth while capturing the Cimerians when at the lategame stages. Perhaps actually giving thralls stats, making the Relic hunters survivors like their gear implies, and making the Cimerians good dps thralls, I think that would balance the thralls in the game.

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I agree stats should play into thrall xapturing to make a reason still for players to get dafari, relic hunter, dogs, etc. One trive higher hp… one tribe higher dps, one tribe heals quicker or gives you a healing buff idk just a random thought


And Darfari eat their victims before you can loot them… :wink:


@Starwalker aand that is their health regen :wink:

So what is your problem/concern? That relic hunters have more HP? Also who defined this “best thralls”? You?

The best are volcano and relic hunter, then Mounds of dead fighters (Snowhunter or berserker)…

The only stat that thralls have is HP therefore the only way to tell which thralls are better is by their hp stat, it’s not complicated. I do SP so I need the best thralls backing me so I can take bosses meant for multiple players. The best thralls are the ones capable of doing more and longer fights before they run out of HP, even the best armor in the game won’t make a thrall invincible, The order of worst to best used to be: Exiles, Darfari, blackhand/lemurians, dogs of the desert, relic hunters, Heirs of the North, Forgotten Tribe, Votaries of Skelos. The issue is it’s a place even a solo player can easily set up shop and collect thralls at when only lvl 10 with starting gear, and you can get the best thralls, the original order was good, that being said the position of giving them stats to where there isn’t a clear best would be a better idea. Give players willing to build in the more inhospitable places a reward of better thralls, since the relic hunters match the Votaries there is no reward for being gutsy enough to build in the volcano, even worse is that at least the volcano is only hot, not many strong creatures in that location. The most dangerous location to build near areas with capturable thralls at is the Cimerian area, the creatures are strong the undead inflict corruption and aren’t staggerable, the Cimerians are tough as nails and hit extremely hard, this should translate to the thralls through means other than they start with hardened steel for normals and star metal for the high levels, Only the relic hunter treasure hunters should be at a match to the votaries as they are in these dangerous areas, like the mounds of the dead and unnamed city, they are already better than the normal relic hunters.

Purge figher have more HP (9900) than volcano or relic hunter faction. But are worse in dmg output.

Volcano is not a hard area if you have the obelisk and a maproom/pain of wheel there… If a I am bored, I can get >12 fighters at a playing night (already did that - but with 16).

Also was vesterday at Mounds of the dead: volcano hit harder and you can totaly skip the wights… was just there to get a female cimmerian berserker, but he was male and therefore I killed him.


You do know that there are no thrall-able fighters in Sepermeru anymore. Only the archers?

Relic Hunter Treasure Seekers in Unnamed City have the same hitpoints as T4 Relic Hunters, and come in both Fighter and Archer variants. Last I checked, they’re still “recruitable”.

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He has no problem with relic hunters from UC. Look at my quoted text.

He has a problem with fighters from Sepermeru, because the area is easier than mounds of dead or volcano!

But there are no thrall able fighters in Sepermeru anymore. Bandit leader got nerfed to 6000hp… There are 2 archers that can spawn in the city. Thats it.

I dont know about this Captain… Never had him.

Yeah, sorry, I didn’t read his wall-of-text properly. You’re right, there are no T4 fighters in Sepermeru anymore. The Captains and Bandit Leaders used to be thrallable, but the Captain doesn’t spawn anymore as far as I know, and Bandit Leaders can’t be tamed anymore.

The Captain is equal to Treasure Seeker fighters. I believe those who were captured before the spawn was removed were not removed from players, so some people may still have a Captain or several. Same with Bandit Leaders.

I believe this change was made specifically because people felt that capturing a top-tier T4 fighter was too easy in Sepermeru. I’m not saying they’re wrong, either. So Zantalar is just a little bit late with his feedback here.

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I haven’t noticed a difference in damage dealt, they use the same weapons and do the same amount of damage to my enemies, I used admin commands to check the captains against the beserkers. If they did more damage then it would be a balance, however, this is not the case, as far as I can tell that is. So far only the weapon makes a difference in damage output for tamed thralls, as for the whole T-3 argument, it’s a bit ridiculous that a T-3 relic hunter is almost as tough as a cimerian beserker only 600hp difference. My point about the danger of the area is that the cimerians are in a much more dangerous area than the relic hunters and therefore the AI’s that are tamable should also be tougher. The relic hunter city is the only danger in the area while the mounds of the dead are filled with tough enemies, Since the AIs are tougher, hit harder, and take more hits to knock out this should mean that the same should be said for their thralls as well. What would work as a balance is the thralls also start with the armor you put them in the wheel with. As of right now, it’s much harder to get Cimerian thralls and less valuable, there should be some worthwhile reason to get Cimerian thralls outside of a better weapon that you will eventually replace when you get to higher levels anyways. I just think that taming in more dangerous areas should be rewarded The Cimerians and Vanir should be stronger than they are.

Yall are forgetting about the named bearers? I don’t know if that has changed, but the strongest thralls I used to get were bearers, right before I took a break from game. That was right after the big undead city update. Did the bearers get nerfed? They were close to 10k HP. I recently logged back into my private server and noticed that all my thralls that were “standing guard” are gone, so I’m guessing there was a big thrall overhaul that required the removel of them. Also that emmisary thrall. I always expected it to get removed.

Last I saw they were buffed, as the toughest used to have near 3khp and there was no variation in stats for what group you got them from. I have 2 from the relic hunter city and they are as good as the fighters, that is unless there is an actual difference in damage output based on unit type(I’ve not tested it and don’t actually know for sure). In short no, the bearers haven’t been nerfed since your last run.

“Thralls are gone” -> decay timer? Its back to 1 week and little bit more for thralls.

Also bearer got nerfed. Way weaker than fighers, but still have that much hp.

You complain and didnt even play the game for several patches… Woow… facepalm

Ah, no, was not complaining. Just asking for clarification and you provided some of that, so thank you. On my private server, I have decay turned off for everything, so nothing expires, plus when I am not playing, I just turn my server off to conserve electricity.

So for more clarification, bearers are weaker, but still have all the hitpoints? Weaker as in a lower combat rating so they can’t hit as hard, or they take more damage from a hit than a normal thrall? Both?

Only make lower dmg.

The same with purge fighter thralls, which IMHO is just an overlook from Funcom…

Angrybull made some tests: at 2:11 is a list. In previous videos you can see bearer fight. Look up the name at Conan Wiki If you dont know who he/she is.

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