Npc and Thrall stats change?

Hello everyone,

I have play about 150h of the game and i’m having a great time. However i have noticed some strange things with the thrall stats.

When i started playing i thought that the reason why thralls in the lower level areas where so weak was because they where almost naked and did not have good armor on but that is not the case.
Thralls have different hp stats form 150 to 2100, they might also have different damage stats but i can not see that in the game.

I would like to suggest that the different in base stats should not be that big and that the armor they have has a larger impact on how much damage they can take. The same thing should be done with weapons and damage.

The big issue for me is that you create such a big difference in how difficult an area is that it makes 90 % of the warrior and archer thralls useless.

In my honest opinion normal warrior and archer thralls should only be different because they are a different race. Like Cimmerian should have a little more vitality and strength and a Darfarian should be faster and have a little more damage and so on…

If you think about it it makes perfect sens, i would also like to say that named Thralls and npc should be stronger :slight_smile: They could have more then a slight increase in stats but still keep the bonuses to the race :slight_smile:

There could also be a Hyborian berserker named like there is a Cimmerian berserker. It might be call a Hyborian knight or something fitting the lore :smile:

What do people think about a change like that? remember you would also have to balance it for new players :slight_smile: