Anyone else think thrall stats are mixed up?

Noticing going through the thralls I have all the stats seem to be wrong for the class of thrall so far

My relic hunter fighter has awesome accuracy and almost no strength, buy my archer thralls have really high strength and almost no accuracy

I know there are differences based on their tribes etc but it just seems weird that a T4 archers starts with 30 strength while a t4 fighter starts with 1

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i agree, there is Something off with the starting stats.

Same here, a lot of accuracy for a fighter, in fact it’s their higher value when they are first placed in the world.
i was also expecting Something like strengh and HP to be the 2 main attributes for them.

it will probably change in a near future i think.

It seems to be solely based on tribe, where it would be cooler IMO to have some come from tribe and the rest come from role

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