All my thralls are turning into archers

Ive been leveling my thralls and for the past month all their perks are accuracy and survivability. I stock them with gruel. I stock them with grilled steak. I stock them with gruel AND grilled steak. but nahhhh they keep turning into archers. all their potential stats are like 80% strength 80% vitality, but they keep getting archer stats. is anyone else having this problem

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They all bow before you, their master.

puns aside, yes, its a common issue that its not even taken as a bug, but rather part of your average conan exiles suffering.

hopefully it will get addressed at some point :slight_smile:


What’s their Melee Damage Modifier compared to Ranged?

THAT is what determines whether they are better at melee or ranged. Its going to have much more impact than perks, Strength, or Accuracy.

For example, a MDM of 2.2 means a 50 damage weapon does 110 dmg. Before strength is involved.

In reality you want perks that give vitality, agility, and survival (about in that order, though you can place vitality at the end if they already have really good HP). As strength and accuracy don’t increase damage enough to matter much.

Of course if you have like a fighter 1 or 2, then strength might actually give more (after about 25 pts) then their low MDMs.

To check MDM you need to be logged in as an admin, or check out the wiki.

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Yeah, having the same issues…

It’s not a big deal, really. Yes, it can be annoying to get a suboptimal thrall after suboptimal thrall, but the actual difference between a good perk and a useless perk is insignificant when it comes to performance. I have come to accept that my thralls are who they are, not who I want them to be. Just like my real-life friends.

I give my fighter thralls lasting meal if I remember correctly it gives +6 to strength and health

It’s worse on animals. The chance to get accuracy (why even do they have chance?) is the most unlikely, exactly 40% whereas the others are 58%, 64% they still get points EVERY time they level up. But without mobile ball joints in the shoulders and thumbs, they can’t even grab a bow. :frowning_face:

Unless it’s changed quite recently, Lasting Meal should be giving them +7% growth chance to Agility and Survival. Exotic Feast is the one that should be giving +7% to Strength and Vitality. (Although, given that Lasting Meal now appears to be called Lasting Feast, maybe it has all changed…)

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