Get rid of Archery Perks for Fighter Thralls!

Just spent a couple hours leveling up my FIGHTER thrall and what’s the first perk? Level 10 - DeadEye Archery Perk? = MINUS strength??

Such a complete WASTE of my TIME. If I wanted an archer I would go level up an archer.

Please get rid of archery perks for fighter thralls. It makes zero sense. It makes me want to play this game less, not more.


Yup, this is a pretty big issue. Hope the fix it soon. :slight_smile:

Archers have a lower melee damage modifier so they are less useful if you give them swords and so on. Though I don’t know if fighters have a lower ranged damage modifier.

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I have proposed an alternate solution in a different suggestion thread:

If you like it, please show it some support so Funcom can see it :slight_smile:

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