Fighter thrall gets archery perks

I got the exact opposite on my archer when I leveled it to 10. Yes, it is all probably random, but this just points out that random is bad coding. Needs to be perks that are tied to the profession.

Spinas the Marauder is her original name. She has never held anything but a sword in battle


I second that; and wouldn’t have been an issue if a level 0 fighter could grow into a good archer. But the real issue is, thrall AIs are different, and not all of them can handle all kinds of weapons - some of them don’t know how to handle one-handed weapon, some run towards a target and stand still when given a two-hander. So, a fully leveled thrall can have archer perks… while not being able to use a bow in combat. I would see real solution in improving thrall AI so, if a thrall is getting archer perks, then underlying AI would change to that of a dedicated archer NPC, but that’s probably a lot to ask. So the least that can be done is to exclude archer perks for thralls that can’t wield a bow.


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And archery followers get fighter perks… shrugs

If a thrall doesn’t have the attributes that I find desirable they get sacrificed to Rot Branch. Yes, I know I can break bonds with them now but that is no where near as satisfying as stripping them down and feeding them to my personal Rot Branch.

I will, however, submit that it would be nice if the perks gained were more thematic to the specific type of follower that it is.


Yeah, my first Dacias also got that… Deleted him seconds later. What a waste to level up to 10…

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Hey @sirvink

We’ll send a suggestion to our team to limit the range of RNG during leveling.
Thanks for the feedback.


That would be fantastic!

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