Why does my fighter think he is an archer

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Maybe a bug :man_shrugging:t2:

So is it normal for my fighter thrall to level up accuracy and agility exclusively?? Is this a bug or just another one of funcom’s mediocre ideas that makes zero sense? Why no strength for a fighter??? :man_facepalming:t2::man_shrugging:t2:

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.knock out and break fighter thrall
2.level up fighter thrall
3.funcom you spelt Archer wrong


Just rng being rng.

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Hi @Darkzombie, this type of behavior is intended as the stats for each NPC are determined by the faction they belong to rather than their class, so some factions do offer better fighters than others.

side note, the new patch will allow you to decide archers or fighter as far as weapon priority choice. Doesn’t solve some of the rng on perks, but now at least if you get a follower that is leveling in ACC, you can throw a dragon bone bow on it and tell it to use it over melee weapon, as well as set the aggrow range to max (50m) to make a quasi-turret for base. Thursday May 7th is the goal of the new patch.

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It might also depend on what you have been feeding him. Cooked fish raises the percentage for accuracy and shredded roast for agility. Those are the easiest things to get, so if you kept using those foods for healing that might explain it?

I did not know that a thrall’s faction actually had a say in what their classes are/will become. I do think it is a bit annoying when I train a cannibal brute and then their accuracy goes up, or they get a perk that has nothing to do with strength or HP or vitality…I mean, why? XD

Just to clarify, the perks that thralls unlock are entirely random and not influenced by faction or class, which is not the case for pets as they can get perks based on their species.

You can find some more information regarding this in the wiki:


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@hugo Would it not be a better idea to have a pool for each class?? I mean it’s like a person going to uni to study bio science and getting a degree in automotive engineering at graduation :man_shrugging:t2:


We’re happy to receive any feedback on the current balance of the follower system in the Suggestions or General Discussion boards!

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