Fighter Followers getting Accuracy

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Misc]
Region: [US]

About 75% of the time when leveling Fighter Followers they get huge Accuracy jumps and Accuracy perks. My Claw of Jeb has 64 Accuracy at level 20 plus Assassin giving +3 and Eagle-Eyed giving +10. I get I can give her ranged weapons but it seems to happen so often.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Break a Fighter
  2. Level them
  3. Watch their Accuracy increase
  4. Question stats and perk randomness

And I realize Dogs maybe be a faction that grow in Accuracy, but it’s been widespread for us with Fighters in general.

Hello @Irkalla, the attributes depend on several factors such as randomness, tier and faction, rather than class, meaning a specific NPC’s growth might always provide interesting and unique results.

You can find further information here:

To share any feedback please reach out through the General Discussion or Suggestion boards.

I know that i will sound silly, since there are a lot of you tubers that sawing you how to get a greater percentage of your thralls growth. Still a lot of times i had a low percentage in survival and my thrall took the survival perk :joy:. I will tell you what i did to my last 20 thralls and only one of them took a perk of accuracy. I don’t know if it is lack, but only 1 perk in 60 is tolerated. I always use my dlc heavy armor (savage frontier) because it is full strength. For cold areas i use the guardian armor and i trade with my thrall. Plus i always feed my thralls, gruel or exotic meat. Last but not least i use my healing bow less than usual and never target my thrall but the boss. Maybe all i say to you will sound silly but this is what i do on my last 20 thralls.

There are a lot of variables in how the thralls get stats but it ends up being random from my experience.

At least until Funcom decides to make new AI for followers the fighters can function as an archer for base defense.

It is frustrating that my t4 purge fighter ended up with crappy stats and is best suited for standing on a wall with a bow. It was the devs intention to make each follower unique.

I have nearsighted fighter who took the archer perk and my best rolls for perks were on the dancer. I have another t4 fighter that decided to load up on survival and take penalties on strength (hes a nordhiemer) so he does poor damage, has mediocre health but can shrug off debuffs.

Devs did say this system will be tweeked in the future.

What makes it especially problematic is that fighters have a penalty on using ranged weapons and that accuracy has no effect on melee weapons. When a fighter gets perks that decrease strength and increase accuracy, that’s a real kick in the nads.

There’s a suggestion thread that proposes a solution for this:

The more eyes it gets, the better :wink:

I can appreciate a leveling system with thralls if it works proprerly + does not have random points in stats that either do literally nothing at all or those stats that should not have any percentage of taking precident over a much larger one ie, Vitality = 75% chance & Accuracy = 10% chance and the stats that get the increase are of the 10% or even less…?(mathematically this should not happen as often as it does or at all).

Also why are pets recieving any accuracy (ranged) stats at all = this makes no sense…? I get that adding this system adds an aspect of even more grinding (continued playability inplace of actually meaningful content or alterations that need addressing much more direly than simply grinding out stats that in far too many cases either don’t work properly or work at all).

I truly hope that this system and future economy changes are not your priority of work effort when i could and have honestly named 10 massively larger issues that seemingly have been problems for many months, for many players and still are left unfixed & unaddressed…?

This is a route of action that far too many games as a service studios are taking precident over and implementing into their games while leaving glaring and prevalent game problems at the wayside while as a massive whole = your community / customers are clearly telling you either…

A) they never requested / suggested or even care about new mechanics being added inplace of fixing the large existing issues currently and at times very long running.

B) Or would rather actually meaningful content added inplace of tweaking / altering / changing of the existing mechanics that many of us never had issue with in the first place or have spent a long time learning to adapt & live with.

It is a route that more often than not divides it’s community + forces players to leave the game completely for many reasons (but seeing what takes precident in your eyes is clearly skewed and almost gives percentages of your player base a push to move onto another game & another community)

Inevitably losing large amounts of your fans and consumers over time due to clearly communicating & expressing there problems with your product and often not being truly heard or completely ignored = Many true fans and very avid players (with a 1,000 plus hours invested) do so because we do enjoy your game and at times place faith that you are actually hearing our honest feedback to better not only your game / product, but the experience of your avid players.

Honestly if everyone on your end loves the new tweaks etc… And you personally enjoy playing the game with these alterations for hundreds to thousands of hours = that’s great for you (if you actually do), but the experience & product you are designing is not solely for your preferred enjoyment, but for the experience of your players & customers :flushed:

Really hope this trend in current gaming changes course soon as it does far more detrimental harm to a game and its community, than it does any good in almost any given scenerio. I also find it very odd that a large amount of requests or alterations come from player bases that both, have little money & time invested in a game and have clear designs of leaving said game after less than a hundred hours to purchase and play something else without thoughts of returning to play, while your longer standing players are left with the aftermath of requests from temporary players :flushed:

I apologize about the ranting, but this weighs on me far too much these last few years and is a very large part of why I DO NOT work in the video game industry anymore and honestly have no interest in working for companies that approach gaming in such a manner = just kills a part of the passion & love i truly have for gaming as a whole.

As always i do have to mention = i do love your game and the effort you have put forth with it and i don’t mean to slam your team at Funcom in this regard, i continue to have faith in hope in your team and the game that i truly love and this is why i may come across a little passionately at times in my comments / posts = like anything i personally love in life and have time invested in, i do not sit by idly & silently. It’s not in my nature.

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