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I have had the pleasure of testing out some of the new stuff that was released yesterday. Something was good and something not quiet so good, but I see others writing with entusiasm on those matters, so i wont. I must say that I admire this game very much, and have, as many other players, several thousand hours spent in this beautifull interactive world. I like alot of the art that make this game so satisfying, both visually and auditive (the music around the old map is spectacular! Thanks Knut Avenstroup Haugen!!).
I too get frustrated of the neverending bugs and flaws that follows this game, but alot of stuff have also got much better since I started over two years ago. Let that be clear! Anyway! The one thing that annoy my more than anything else, is that Fighterthralls (followers) for some reason have a fair chance to get their statpoints distributed on accuracy, and also the % chance to get that stat when they level is unnecessary high! I have lost count on how many Dalinsias I have eh… determined because of bad=high starting % on accuracy, or frekin perks that give + accuracy, and sometimes even takes away strength or vitality (Warden perk or Deadeye for example). The last one I took all the way to level 20 had acc-perks on lvl 10, 15 and 20. She still kicked ■■■ while she lived, but when my next Dalinsia was better at lvl 14, I got rid of that lvl 20. I have placed maybe 10 Dalinsias lately and non of them had Good stats (max ~50% on Acc and reasonable % on Str/Vit) as I often saw before, so I wonder if something has changed?
I had a “trick” before that was leveling fighterthralls in full accuracy-gear (including Axe of the gate guardian with +5 acc), and I leveled alot of top tier fighters like that and bearers too. I felt that it worked and they rarely got acc-statpoints or acc-perks, but at the ~15 last fighters/meleethralls (that are not killed at level 0 because of crappy startingstats), it seems like something have changed there aswell. Maybe after the 2.1 update or around that when the new larger benches arrived/thralls got weaker. Have the statroll or % mechanism changed? It also makes me wonder why someone might need accuracy equal to other stats on a meleefighter at all? If I want an archer, there are much better alternatives: archers… Wouldnt this matter be exactly the same as back then when it was accuracy (more than 40%) on horses and fighterpets? Why isnt this done likewise on humanoid followers?
I know, it doesnt take That many hours to take a thrall from 0-20 if you are on the task like a robot, but I am not playing like a robot. I dont play if it feels like work. Then i do something else for fun. Its not That funny to run brimstonelake 10 times in a row, or grind frost giants etc when you have done that ■■■ times. Espesially when you know that to the bitter end, that freked up acc-perk can still come at level 20 and throw a dark shadow all over your loyal companion. It also may take some time to find the good thralls in the first place… before you start to level them…
What do other players think about this matter? Maybe there is an explanation I dont know about? Maybe I am doing something wrong with the food I use while i level?

Summary: If only this would be fixed, Funcom: MAX 40% accuracy on fighterthralls and no more demoralising acc-perks, I can probably adapt to the “new” fishtraps (I havent figured out ichor yet. Any tips besides killing spiders etc aka endless grinding?) and other questionable changes And still live with the bugs that have been in the game since day1, because of all the fantastic aspects Conan Exiles has to offer.
Funcom. Please: this one thing to make quality of gaminglife better? Is it possible to have a look at it? @Hugo @Ignasis

Thanks all for reading this! Have a very nice day! :slight_smile:

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Pick the komodos for ichor. Winning

Well this is exactly the thing @CodeMage is sometimes repeating over and over again, the slot machines system. This system unfortunately when it comes to lvl up thralls really sucks. Like you said it is very difficult and grindy to gain a snow hunter(for you) or a Spinas (for me). Reaching lvl 20 and gain warden is :rage::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::triumph:. This really is a thing I don’t like either, I would be very happy if it didn’t exist. Like you I tried a lot of methods (not yours however and I find it really smart), like train thralls, only in unnamed city, or only in warmakers dungeon etc…
Or I tried not to use bows and healing arrows.
Nothing worked, nothing, it’s a slot machine system and to this one I totally agree with my m8 Codemage. It would be nice one day to read from someone that he found a system how to train correctly, but I think that I am chasing butterflies in utopia right now :rofl::rofl::rofl:. Knowing very well what I am wishing for right now, this one I won’t regret, I would like to have a proper training system on thralls.

I agree on there being a problem.

May I direct the interested parties to this thread to discuss possible solutions? :wink:


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