Fighters vs archers

While placing volcano named archers and fighters, i noticed the archers, while having the exact same attributes as fighters, they have way less hp. If that was intended, shouldn’t they start with different attributes? More archer like as in more accuracy and less strength? FYI both archers and fighters mentioned above start with same 15 str and 2 acc

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This ought to be a bug report IMO. Because there’s definitely something broken with attribute allocations in general, and archers in particular.

Archers are completely different than fighters. as well as their base stats, just go find a thrall that has 20-30acc stats… they are around.
(to be clear, Relic hunter archer has 20acc. good luck finding the 30acc thrall.)

as for which is better, Archers are good for PvP as long as you dont get headshot by your own thrall. but fighter is more reliable.

Pirate T4s have 30 Accuracy. They have bad stats otherwise, particularly Vitality. This makes sense, what with them being among the lowest of the T4s, but they are to my knowledge the best for pure Accuracy.

I am not sure T4 thralls have set stats but Conchaka of Hyrkania has 30 ACC at lvl 0 and 88% chance to level ACC.

Gonna plug my spreadsheet and post again, probably shouldn’t have put it in Players Helping Players.

Post on Thrall Stats

They do have set attributes (30 acc for example). The thing that varies is their chance to upgrade stats (attributes) on level-up.

Black Hand also has 30 Accuracy on spawn, and while almost every other Faction has Fighters with higher base health and HP/Point than the Archer, the Black Hand is opposite, with the Archer getting a higher base health and HP/Point.

I have been assured that this is intended, but I’m pretty sure it’s a mistake. The distribution is really strange.

However, the Black Hand is pretty bad overall, so personally I’m filling my Archer box with RHuTS and Relic Hunters. 20 Accuracy but I’d bet their base damage is much better.

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