Thrall fighter vs thrall archer

What is the diff?

if you put an bow fighter fight with both.

Fighters are better with melee weapons, and do more dmg Archer thralls cant melee as decent. Vice versa.

There isn’t a short answer to this.

You may read trough some comments, and posts from the last time to figure it out yourself.
But mostly archers will do better work with bows, and fighter with melee weapons.

But take a look, and this isn’t the only tread about :

Based on my personal Testing, anything you thrall in the desert melee wise will do about a 10% dmg buff, Northern areas such as NEW As will do what I can see as about a 20% buff Mounds is around 30% and Volcano thrall Fighter such as Spinas and Dacias will do about 40% more dmg and have way higher hp. The captain in Sep, is the same power level as Spinas and Dacias in the volcano. I have tested this constantly on PVE-C 1940 and so have other people on my server. Captains are much easier to obtain however and have the same HP as Volcano t4 thralls.

Archer thralls are not good for melee. Fighter thralls, based on my testing, will do just as much ranged damage given the same bow and arrows and if they are the same tier (T3 Fighter and T3 Archer). I tested this in SP and it takes the same number of arrows, +/-3 for the fighter and Archer to kill an Elk King.

But do fighter thralls provide their own arrows the way archers do?

Yes they do. To test, place your fighter on a perch of ceilings so he/she can’t reach the ground.

I loaded my Relic Hunter Fighter III with snake arrows and lured an NPC. Fighter 3 took care of Sully in 4-5 shots. I took all arrows off Fighter 3. Lured Sully later and my fighter took him down in 7-8 shots.

Likewise Archers can be quite useful for melee: quality Archers, when loaded with Healing Arrows and a one-handed melee weapon at 45 DMG or higher do very well. Alternatively, load Mandughai with healing arrows and a blunted truncheon, and take out Asagarth with style.

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