Thrall damage and HPs

Hi guys, I’ve recently seen a thread explaining Thralls damage.

It said that Sepermeru and Volcano Thralls should be the best.
Ok, seems legit.

Then I saw strange things:

  • Bearers dealing more damage than fighters.
  • Fighters being better archers than Archers.

This i sbullsh*t. This cannot be intentional and is going to be fixed soon, right ?
I mean, Bearers have tons of HP and more Item Slots, but they should have reduced damage output.

Fighters should outdamage archers with melee weapons, while archers should outdamage fighters with ranged ones. What’s the point of having archers if you can give a bow to a fighter and getting even better results (even if they would performance the same it would be stupid in my opinion).

Thralls should have damage bonuses and maluses depending on their class.

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Bearers are nerfed since 2 patches… By a lot.

But yeah, archers should make more dmg with bows than fighter.
Or they have better arrows “with them” (which results in more dmg).

Funniest thing: Fighter Purge thralls can have 9000hp (or same like Bearers). Most for fighters, as Relic hunter/serpermeru archers/volcano have only 7425.
But purge fighters are weaker in dmg output.

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I remember that Firespark81 made a few videos on this subject back in spring, his results are not valid any longer, updates have since then changed things.
I haven’t tried to see if fighters perform better with bow than archers, but I can tell you this, my T4 bearer thrall does a lot less damage with any weapon than a T4 fighter :slight_smile:

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The bearer damage was fixed, and afaik Fighters now doe the same amount of damage with bows as an archer of the same quality, making archers still obsolete.

At 2:10 you see a list with all tested thralls.

That list shows only meelee comparison though, OP was talking about bow damage.

This was no answer to OP, but to Frillen…

I dont know if archers are doing the same dmg with bows like fighters. My last knowledge about this is, that fighters are better (not that much, but still).

I still have enough T4 archers from Sepermeru or Volcano, which are protecting my bases from purges

I did something similar 5 or 6 weeks ago, I can’t remember the names of the thralls I used, but one thing struck me, and that was the inconsistency of some boss creatures when they fight, meaning if you take fx 10 T4 fighters with same hp and gear against the same enemy then each round you put them through gave different results.
The biggest problem with fx Tigers and a lot of other creatures is that it is random which attacks they will use and how often, so several fights may result in different numbers of its special attacks during one fight.

However all this said the list is sort of accurate, T4 bearers have the highest hp but only deal roughly half the damage as a T4 fighter and dancers… Well let’s just say they aren’t really good fighters at all and since they cannot be healed with healing arrows, they are only good for removing corruption :slight_smile:

@Wak4863 also made some tests. But on ps4 with the Brute. He made a video where he compared doombringer with BoA.

But made it 3 times with each weapon. And each clear time was different.

Also @Wak4863 doombringer was bugged or lets say its crit chance. Can you make that test again

Quote: * Doom and Shark Bite should now correctly (but rarely) hit for bonus damage.

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Do you know if the devs have something planned to have archers better than fighters with ranged weapons ?

My big guess is: Nope. But some people at FC are reading the forums… So maybe? Or create a bug-ticket, then someone will read it for sure.

I can’t say that something is in the works because I truly don’t know, but since they fixed Sword of Crom (which infers some sort of extra interaction/damage handle), and also repaired the “laser beam” distance issues with archers, I really think we might see some advantages.

The best part about recruiting an archer is the free bow. Hakka Sixfingers and I find bowmaking tedious.

I gave most of my fighter-archer a hollowbone bow. I still got >10 of them, as I had no luck with the blackblood skinning knife (in total ~20).
Or dragonbone bows, as I have so many dragon bones (damn you Red Mother, give me your bow!!)

I have >2000 blackblood, >15 picks, axe and sickle (each!), but only 2 skinning knifes.

You can make a good loop with Bin Yakins seal, the Scraps and Jhils roost. Only tricky part is the first time running it back, as there is climbing involved (and fast access to this area is from volcano and the High Way).

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I have the hollow bone, but haven’t really been building an army. Does it still only work with hollow bone arrows (which now drop off the bats RNG)?

It works with every arrow and has always… You “use it wrong” :wink: (its my main bow since Warmaker patch - and I use serpentman, healing or explosive arrows with it).

The thing is, there are 2 ways to equip arrows. One is, to drop the arrows at the bow and this does not work with the hollowbone bow.

The other one is, equiping the bow and then “use” the arrow (open inventory and simple press your use-button).

Funny thing is: I didnt even know you could drop arrows at bow. Only when I read the first bug report… Always used the 2nd method :slight_smile:

And yeah, with the latest patch, the hollowbone-arrows are in the game. But are kinda rare… Only managed to get ~18, when I was 1hour in the caves (and I killed and harvested every creature).

Thanks. Yeah, i was worried i had a bugged one. I am so used to placing bows (carry 4 on my wheel when i go archer–3 cheap bow each for healing, poison gas or snake arrow, and firespark and a legendary for Dragonbone-that i never put arrows in my wheel. It allows me for quick swap for the attack. Tip—i use the different DLCs for the cheap ones to color code the three de-buff ones. Green, Blue and Yellow back grounds make for quick identify when in the heat of a battle. Preloaded works wonders for rapid stacking multiple debuffs on target.

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