Why are archers the worst bow damage?

They currently are you know? Bearer thralls are best, Fighters are second best if they only have a bow. Archers are last with bow damage. This is by group like Volcano, Sepermeru, etc. True, Archers try to make crippling shots over pure damage, but they should still be tops in damage with a bow because this is what players are led to believe, right?

Perhaps while defending thrall archers should make only powershots or perhaps the cripple should also apply a bleed?

Edit: The arrow type and bow equipped would be the same for Bearers, Fighters, and Archers. Type doesn’t matter if that is what they all are using. Bearers do most damage, but are slow to equip the bow. Fighters next. Then Archers who try to make crippling shots, but do lower damage.

Maybe because by default they are using flint arrows?

Why can’t Archer thralls default to something depend on on tier? Like Tier 1 use Iron arrows, Tier 2 use Steel, Tier 3 used Razor and tier 4 named use Hardened steel by default.


Mine all use star metal or dragon bone. Seems to work fine.

It used to be you give archers only 1 arrow and they would use if forever, but now they actually use up arrows, and they default to flint arrows if nothing is given to them. Makes Archers lackluster because fighter thralls don’t have this problem of using up their ammo.

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I think the idea is if you want them to use anything other then flint you need to make the arrow and equip them to the thrall. No freebies in Hyboria.

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When you have like 200 Archers though its hard to constantly check them all.

I suggested a while ago adding an Arrow bin for thralls to take arrows from.


Great idea!


What people in comments seem to miss is, you can give top tier arrows and bows to Bearer and Fighter thralls too. They will still out damage a T4 archer thrall.

It has to do with a multiplier in their damage calculation. This might all change when we get leveled thralls. Archer Thralls could end up with perks that are directed toward Archer damage allowing them to claim top damage with a bow but for now, there is no reason to thrall an Archer.

Am pretty sure this will be changing with the thrall leveling patch, plus I don’t think what you are saying is the case in all instances.

Won’t be 200 archers in the near future except perhaps on a some private servers where the admin allows it.

Listened to a video of FireSparks today that suggested that archer’s do the least damage. Could not watch the stats because I was at work. I have had archer’s that are good at melee and fighters that seem good at archery. And as said already will be a new ballgame in December. See you all then.

Been stocking up thralls on both the servers I play on

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Pretty sure that’s not gonna happen. Funcom got rid of thrall and pet hunger system because it was too taxing on the servers. This would cause the same kind of problems, for the same reasons.

Noone asks for arrows being free. All we need is a convenient way to dispense arrows without the need of micromanaging every archer’s inventory after each Purge.
Arrow racks have been proposed a long time ago, and CE already have the tech to introduce them (hello, thrall pot).

With the cap coming soon, next month, micromanaging each thrall’s inventory won’t be as much a problem.

Hello, there are no thrall pots for arrows. This thread is about archer damage not equipping them automatically with arrows. I am all for a “arrow pot” but that is not what this thread is about is it?

Wait, a bearer makes more dmg with a bow, than an archer? :smiley: :smiley:

I knew about a fighter being stronger than an archer. But come on… Why the hell did I farm so many archers from Sepemeru and volcano :smiley:

It was added, because people would load 1 arrow and create a bow crafting station around a boss. Put 10 archers, 1 high tire arrow each, then build a wall across from them. Kite world boss. Pick up any missed shots off of wall…basically spamming high level arrow without using resources. I think they removed it because of this cheesy way to mass produce arrows.

Better solution: You cannot pick up fired arrows…

Funcom often takes very strange ways of fixing/preventing things… :smiley: